Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel Review


This spincast reel features a durable construction that will last through years of successful fishing trips.

Beginners will love how easy this spinning fishing reel is to use, along with weekend anglers who don’t want to waste a lot of time making adjustments instead of being able to immediately cast a line into the water.

Featuring a high gear ratio and multiple ball bearings, this spinning fishing reel will deliver a smooth performance with every cast and retrieval.

With its comfortable and versatile design, it is easy to see why it is often considered the best spincast reel.

You will appreciate the included warranty that comes with this spinning reel, along with its extremely affordable price.



While this spincast reel is designed to provide you with a smooth and reliable performance, it has been noted that drag adjustment wheel is extremely sensitive and can be easily bumped which often results in a lost bite.

It should be noted that while the gears are designed for durability, the low ratio does result in a retrieval that is slightly slower than some experienced anglers might be used to.

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Durable construction

One of the main advantages of this spincast reel is its durable construction. The sturdy covers are constructed from lightweight aluminum, and the metal gears are resistant to breaking. The ceramic line guide helps to ensure a smooth performance, and you will appreciate the protective rubber seal. The rubber guard prevents water from entering the reel and causing damaging rust and corrosion that can affect its performance.

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Designed with the user in mind

Every aspect of this reel is designed for easy and convenient use. It is a great starter reel for beginners and lets weekend anglers who don’t have a lot time immediately start fishing once it is attached to a rod. You will appreciate how easy this spincast reel is to attach to your favorite rod, and since you don’t have to waste time worrying about casting techniques you can simply toss a line in once the lure is tied on. The drag resistance wheel is also conveniently placed for easy access, and can be quickly set so you don’t lose a biting fish.

1.Zebco Omega ZO3PRO


7 ball bearings

The metal gears are designed to ensure the spool spins smoothly, and has a ratio of 3:4:1. While this might mean a slower retrieval than some anglers are used to, its smooth performance ensures the fish stays securely on the hook. The reel also comes with seven ball bearings that are designed to last for a lifetime. The BBs also help provide a smooth cast and retrieval every time you toss a line a line in the water.


Versatile design

Designed to be easy to use and featuring a versatile design, this spincast reel is perfect for right and left handed anglers. Its ergonomic design not only looks great on a rod, it is also comfortable to use. The handle can be configured to your specifications, and the wrapped padding makes it comfortable to grasp. Its lightweight construction won’t contribute to arm or wrist fatigue, and you’ll love being able to go after a variety of fish with this affordable spincast reel.



Fits most fishermen and women’s budgets

This spincast reel is priced to fit almost any angler’s budget, and still comes with most of the features you’d expect on a more expensive model. The auto bait alert feature ensures that you never miss a bite on your line, and the 7 ball bearings provide the same smooth performance as some of the professional style spinning reels. You will also appreciate the included one year limited warranty that provides you with additional peace of mind.



There is very little not to like about this spincast fishing reel, including its affordable price. Its durable aluminum and metal construction is backed by a limited warranty, and you will love how well this spinning reel performs out on the water. The metal gears and 7 ball bearings ensure a smooth performance and that your hook is securely set, so you never have to tell your friends the story about the “one that got away”. The durable reel can be used with a variety of lures, and you will love being able to cast for everything from small trout to large catfish and bass. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, which is why this spincast reel is perfect for beginners and fishermen who simply want to be able to quickly cast a line in the water without any hassles.


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