Yunnong Sougayilang Spinning Rod with Reel Combo Review

Featuring a versatile design that can be used in a variety of locations, it is easy to see why this is the best saltwater fishing rod and reel combo.

This combo from Yunnong comes with a balanced rod that is durable and comfortable to handle.

Beginners will appreciate how easy this combo is to use, along with experienced anglers who just want to relax on a fishing trip.

The spinning reel is capable of providing you with consistently smooth casts and retrievals, and you will appreciate its power when you are bringing in heavier fish.

Designed to impress professional anglers and be easy for novices to rig and handle, Yunnong has also included several convenient accessories with this combo.

Some consumers have noted that there is a slight “clicking” noise when you adjust the level of control for casting, and while most anglers appreciate the slight sound that indicates the changes being made there are a few that worry this might frighten away nearby fish.

The spinning reel can back up on occasion, though this is usually due to dirt trapped inside and not a problem with the design.

3.1.8m-3.3m Spinning Rod


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Durable and versatile construction

One of the main advantages of this rod and reel combo is its durable and versatile construction. The telescopic rod and spinning reel are strong enough to wrestle in saltwater fish, and it can also be used on freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams. You will also appreciate being able to cast from reefs and rocks, and its telescopic design also makes this a great rod and reel combo to take out on a boat. No matter where your favorite fishing spot is Yunnong has designed a rod and reel that can go with you almost anywhere.


A lightweight, flexible pole

The durable fishing rod is constructed from a strong carbon fiber material to ensure that it is lightweight, balanced and flexible. The rod will easily bend without breaking, which is always an advantage when you are fighting to bring in a heavy fish. The reel seat is resistant to rust and corrosion, and can be adjusted as needed. You will also appreciate the telescopic handle that gives you the length you need to cast from the reef or in a boat.

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Fun to use and easy to handle

There are 6 guide rings that are color coded to give the rod a professional appearance, while also make it extremely easy for beginners to rig. The porcelain guides ensures that the lines flows smoothly, and the colored rings also make a convenient reference point for experienced fishermen. Designed to be easy to handle and fun to use, this rod and reel combo is a great setup when you want have a relaxing and successful fishing trip.

2.1.8m-3.3m Spinning Rod


Smooth performance

You will appreciate the smooth performance of the spinning reel, along with its durable construction. The metal reel features a sleek, streamlined body that is lightweight and fits easily into the seat. There are plenty of ball bearings to ensure the aluminum spool rotates easily for smooth casts are retrievals. The reel also has an anti-reverse BB that prevents the line from going slack. A gear ratio of 5:1 ensures that you have plenty of power to bring in larger fish, without sacrificing any of the speed you need to keep up with smaller, active fish.


Sleek design

Professional and beginners will love its sleek design, along with how easy this combo is to use. The guides ensure that almost anyone can rig the pole, and since the telescopic rod can be collapse down it is easy and convenient to carry. The sensitive tip ensures that even beginners will be able to “feel” when they have a bite, and everyone will appreciate how easy it is to assemble. To prolong the life of the rod it also comes with a protective bag and caps for the ceramic guides.


1.1.8m-3.3m Spinning Rod



This telescopic rod and spinning reel combo from Yunnong comes with an affordable price and durable construction that can be used almost anywhere. It is capable of casting from the side of a boat or off of a reef, and can be used in fresh or saltwater without damaging any internal parts. It is designed to be easy and comfortable to handle, and you will appreciate the smooth performance abilities of this rod and reel combo. Priced to fit most budgets and easy to transport with a collapsible handle, this setup might be exactly what you need to make your next fishing trip a success.


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