Wright-McGill Dragon Large Arbor Fly Reel Review

Last Updated: 05.08.20

The Wright-McGill Dragon Large Arbor is probably the best fly fishing reel for the money, as pointed out by the many positive user reviews it has acquired. The model is considered to be one of the most dependable and reliable fly reels that are now on the market.

1.Wright-Mcgill Dragon Large Arbor Fly Reel


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Super large arbor design

There are four size variants that are available on this reel. While some online marketplaces including Amazon often sell just three, ranging from the small to the medium one, the website of the manufacturer also sells a large variety.

Regardless of the size you end up choosing, the important thing to keep in mind is that this line features a graphite disc drag system and a super large arbor design. Furthermore, any of the available sizes has been precision machined from bar stock 6061 aluminum. Even the handle of this model is made with machined aluminum.

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Choose the right size depending on your fishing application

Let’s take the sizes one by one and see what makes them so special to deserve such great consumer reviews. The extra-small variant features a ¾ line weight, is made of aluminum and weighs in at 4.13 oz. The spool width is 1.22”, the spool diameter is 3.15”, and the arbor diameter is 2.05”. The line capacity is WF 4 plus 80 yards of 20 lb backing.

The small variant is also built of aluminum, it features a line weight of ⅚ and weighs in at 4.46 oz. The line capacity is WF 6 plus 90 yards of 20 lb backing. The spool width of this one is 1.22”, the spool diameter measures 3.54”, and the arbor diameter is 2.44”.

2.Wright-Mcgill Dragon Large Arbor Fly Reel


Excellent aluminum construction

The medium size features the same aluminum construction. Its line weight stands in at ⅞, and the weight of the unit is 5.15 oz. The spool width is the same 1.22” as the one of the previously mentioned sizes, but the spool diameter is different, as it measures 3.81”. The arbor diameter of this one is 2.64”. The line capacity is WF 8 plus 135 yards of 20 lb backing.

The last and largest size has a line weight of 9/10, a core weight of 5.26 oz, and has been constructed with the same bar stock 6061 aluminum. The line capacity of this one is the highest, with WF 9 plus 200 yards of 20 lbs backing. The spool width is the same, but the spool diameter measures 4.09”, and the arbor diameter measures 2.83”.


Best value for the price

The important thing to keep in mind if you are unsure about the size or capabilities of a fly reel is to go to a fly shop and see the model you’re interested in before ordering it online. Sure, this one might not give you any headache at all, as the vast majority of the consumer reviews we have come across claim that it offers the best value for the price. The manufacturers have even included a storage case.

The Wright-McGill Dragon Large Arbor Fly Reel is a bargain compared to other items in the same line. With fly fishing reels, the matter’s relatively simple. If you have four hundred dollars to spend on a model, you’re likely to get one that goes with virtually any type of fish. However, if you’re planning to catch some trout, the one hundred dollar price point is more than enough.

3.Wright-Mcgill Dragon Large Arbor Fly Reel


A critically acclaimed choice

The price of this model significantly differs depending on the marketplace you choose for your purchase and on the size you decide on. Amazon is probably the best place to order this item, as it often organizes sales and discounts.

When it comes to recommendations, you clearly have nothing to worry about with this unit. Other buyers characterize it as being an excellent reel that is well worth the money. According to these individuals, it holds the line well, and it has a smooth drag. In addition, several of these consumers have emphasized that it’s actually miraculous how Wright-McGill managed to manufacture a large arbor reel that’s so lightweight.


Switchable hand orientation

Other people who have bought the model claim that they have come across a minor inconvenience, as there were no instructions regarding to switching the reel over to left hand. In consequence, they had to figure out by themselves, but eventually worked their way around the issue and managed to customize the reel.

To sum up, the Wright-McGill Dragonfly series is definitely worth considering if you have not made up your mind about a fly reel just yet.


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