Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete Starter Package Review

Last Updated: 07.07.20


Designed by Wild Water to be simple and convenient for beginners and experienced anglers to use it’s easy to see why this is considered one of the best fly fishing combos.

Ideal for small trout, bass and pan fish, you will appreciate the rod’s durable and flexible design.

With the large arbor fly reel you can enjoy reliable and smooth casts and retrievals.

Everything you need to start fly fishing right out of the box is included with this top rated combo.

You will appreciate the included storage case that helps to protect the rod and reel, even though this combo is backed by a lifetime warranty.



Some consumers have mentioned that the tip on the rod can be easily broken off, but thanks to the lifetime warranty a replacement can be sent at no additional cost.

There have been mentions that the rod easily bends to the breaking point, but this is usually due to trying to land fish that are larger than it can handle. 

1.Wild Water Fly Fishing

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Flexibility at its best

This rod and reel combo from Wild Wind is the perfect choice for beginners or experienced fishermen. Mastering the skills needed for fly fishing is challenging, the this combo works to make it a little easier. Everyone will appreciate the pre-spooled line and backing on the reel that means there is one less step to perform before you can go fishing, and the rod’s flexible slow action design provides extra control during the cast. With the added control casts are more accurate so even first time anglers can experience the excitement of reeling in a fish.

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Durable and user-friendly pole design

This 9 foot fly fishing rod is constructed from a graphite composite for a lightweight and durable design. The slow action rod is flexible and forgiving so casts are more accurate, even for beginners. Measuring 9 feet in length you can easily make longer casts, and since it is constructed from sturdy graphite it is capable of bringing in small bass and trout without breaking. For added convenience the rod can be broken down into 4 pieces for easy storage and portability.


Smooth performance

You will appreciate the large arbor reel on the rod that can be used comfortably by right and left handed anglers. The crank can be placed on either side for convenience and comfort. It is constructed from lightweight and durable cast aluminum that is also resistant to corrosion, and comes with a disc drag system that provides you with a smooth and reliable performance. The large spool also comes prewrapped with a 5/6 weight line and backing so you can immediately get started fishing.

2.Wild Water Fly Fishing


Combo includes everything you might need

One of the main advantages of the fly fishing rod and reel combo is that it comes with everything you need to get started. The slow action rod provides you with the ability to make accurate casts, and the large reel is pre-spooled with the line and backing you need to start bringing in fish. The combo also includes a convenient fly box to help you stay organized, along with lures and an extra leader. With everything you need included in this package, all you have to do is find the perfect fishing spot.


4-piece rod design

Carrying a rod and reel can be awkward and difficult, which is why this one breaks down into 4 manageable pieces. To help you get your gear to the water, this combo comes with a convenient rod case. The rod easily fits in the case for easy storage and portability, and it will also help to protect your gear from any damage. To give you complete peace of mind over your purchase, this rod and reel combo also come with a lifetime warranty. This keeps you protected in the event the rod or reel is ever damaged or broken.



Whether you are an experienced angler looking to add to your gear or a beginning just getting interested in fly fishing, this rod and reel package might be exactly what you are looking for. The graphite rod is lightweight, flexible and durable, while the large reel is capable of providing you with a smooth performance. The slow action design gives beginners plenty of control over their casts, and can even help experienced fishermen practice their techniques. With the reel pre-spooled and the necessary lures included in the convenient fly box all you need to do to start fishing is to find the perfect spot. With the included lifetime warranty, it’s easy to see why this combo is a popular choice with anglers of all skill levels.


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