Why Mercedes Benz G550 4X4 is Great for Hunting

Last Updated: 07.07.20


The new Mercedes Benz G550 4×4 has garnered the attention of off-road drivers due to its retro design and incredible performance that allows it to handle all types of terrain while also attracting more eyeballs than a supercar when you’re driving through the city. The G550 is a perfect choice for hunters looking for an everyday car.



It can handle any terrain

The first thing of note about this car is the height which is simply astonishing. It has nearly 18 inches of ground clearance which allows this SUV to roam boulders, charge up soft sand dunes, and pitch sideways without endangering the driver. No matter the game you intend to hunt, the G550 can take you safely to any location, no matter how isolated.

The car weighs 6,700 pounds but its brute power makes it anything but slow since it has 450 pound-feet of torque available at 2,250 rpm and 416 horsepower. With this kind of power, you won’t have to worry that you will ever get stuck in the mud or in a sand dune while trying to reach your hunting location.

Another huge advantage that the Mercedes Benz G550 offers is its outstanding handling. It even has a sport mode that you can activate with a press of a button and most of the floppiness in the suspension will evaporate in an instant.

When you are not hunting, you can use it as your main car since it can handle city streets and roads just as well it as does muddy trails.


Luxurious interior

The interior space of a car is very important for a hunter since you will not only need to carry all your hunting gear, but also the game that you manage to hunt. In this sense, there is a lot to praise since the trunk offers 40.3 cubic feet of space and you can fold the rear seats down if you want even more room for your gear and game.



With the rear seats folded down, the trunk space almost doubles to 75.1 cubic feet. Speaking of the interior, the cabin will entertain the owner with 64-color ambient light and a capable infotainment system that is routed through a 12.3-inch display screen from which you will be able to chart your next hunting adventure.

The seats are also very comfortable so that you don’t risk getting out of the car after a long journey feeling stiff. Additionally, the new incarnation of Mercedes-Benz’s cult classic now comes with sturdy cup-holders large enough to hold a bottle of water so that you can keep yourself hydrated even when cruising through the scorching desert heat.



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