What You Should Know About Fishing for Grass Carp


What baits should you use to fish for grass carp?

The grass carp is a tricky species when it comes to fishing, as it is a herbivorous fish and in areas where they are introduced for controlling the growth of aquatic weed, you ought to return it to the water alive and safe.

Grass carp can be found pretty much all over the world, starting from Asia, but also in Europe and in the United States.

Why grass carp?

Usually, any serious fisher knows what type or types of fish he or she is going for, and prepares accordingly. It is crucial to take into consideration the reasoning – sports or for eating, but also the correct type of bait and the suitable equipment.

If you want to go for the grass carp, it is a good example for both sports and consumption. Carp fish usually weigh within the range of 40 pounds to 110 pounds.

When hooked, the fish goes airborne. They are also net-jumpers, so fish farmers often wear catcher’s masks and also pads. A long grass carp resembles tarpon, so fighting one with a rod and reel has been compared to battling a tail-hooked tarpon, with their large scales and upturned mouth.

Grass carp is a delicious fish as well, so if you want to go home with some fresh fish to have for dinner, you can go for this type.



In order to be able to catch any type of fish, you need to know not only where to find it, but also its eating habits. You need to make sure you are using the right kind of bait and how to chum them.

First of all, it is necessary to know that grass carp fish do not have teeth in their mouth. It has, however, comblike teeth in the throat. You should also be aware that this fish can consume 2, even 3 times their weight every day and it can gain between 5 to 10 pounds per year.

Therefore, the grass carp will pretty sure not react to the normal type of baits, so you should use veggies. Salad, cherry tomatoes, celery, coontail, muskgrass, duckweed, pondweed, watercress, pea pods, and lettuce are some of the recommended vegetables you can use to fish for grass carp.

Putting the bait into practice

A simple method to catch a grass carp is by scattering some fermented corn in the area or areas you want to fish, in order to attract the fish there.

Then, you can throw in some cherry tomatoes – grass carp is known to be a great fan of these fruits. From then on, having the right type of equipment, you should be able to catch the fish.

To sum it all up, if you are going to fish for grass carp, you need to select the correct spot on freshwater rivers or ponds and you should use vegetables, such as corn, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, salad, pea pods, but not only. Once this is done, you are ready to go!



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