What You Need To Wear For A Fishing Trip To Montana

Last Updated: 18.09.19


Have you thought about taking a fishing trip to Montana, and all you have is a pair of angler pants? One thing you should know about the weather in this state is that it can change in a heartbeat, and your Greek fisher hat won’t keep your head warm for long. If you want to know what to pack, clothing wise, for a fishing adventure to Montana, find here all the information you seek.

Many anglers swore by neoprene gloves

With Montana weather being so unpredictable, the most logical thing to do may be to pack as many warm clothes as those for sunny weather. However, you may not like the idea of hauling half the home along with you, and that is why you must be clever than this.

The first advice that many fishermen give to those who want to visit Montana for a fishing trip is that they get a good pair of neoprene gloves. These gloves are not as uncomfortable as wool gloves, as they allow you to keep your dexterity, something that is much needed when you need to extract a fish from the hook or change the fly.

At the same time, these gloves will protect your hands from freezing, and, depending on their thickness, they can keep your hands warm. Even more, because your hands will not be in contact with water all the time, you will feel more comfortable overall.

In case you’re fishing in summer, a pair of thin neoprene gloves is enough. But, if you want to go to Montana in winter, make sure that your gloves are thick and have good insulation to protect your fingers against frostbites.


Quick-dry clothes for the summer months

While you fish in Montana, during summer months, it is clear that you will get wet a lot. The fish here are particularly active and strong, and struggling with a few will leave you wet from head to toes. That is why the best advice you can get is that you invest in some quick-dry clothes. These are usually made of nylon and other synthetic materials, and their main advantage is that they don’t retain water.

Cotton shirts may sound comfortable, but when you get wetter and wetter with each fish you pull out of the water, they won’t feel just as comfortable. To ensure that your trip to Montana is the best it can be, you should get some clothes that will dry fast, no matter how many fish you manage to struggle with and win.

There is also another reason to wear such clothes if you travel to Montana in the summer. Hot days can be sweltering here, and having clothes that do not end up stuck to you, heavy with your own sweat, is an advantage. A gentle breeze will make such clothes dry and comfortable in no time.


A good hat will keep the sun out of your face

Don’t forget to bring a fishing hat with you if you fish in Montana in summer. Your eyes will be thankful for not having the rays of sun bombarding them all the time, and you will not suffer from sunburns on your face either.

Of course, you can try anything from a ball cap to a floater hat. But any fishing hat will do a good job, so it is worth to invest a little in such a piece of garment, too.

Pack a stocking cap with you, too. If you consider camping under the naked sky, you should know that even in summer, Montana nights can be quite chilly. All your clothing should have some insulation to prevent discomfort when spending time inside a tent.


Get a fleece stocking cap for fishing in winter

Your hat covering should have proper insulation if your Montana trip happens in winter. Make sure that yours is made from fleece as that’s the best choice for the temperatures that are registered here. Cotton hats are not such a good idea because they will retain your sweat and make your head freeze each time the wind blows, which in Montana winters, happens all the time.


Don’t forget about a rain jacket

It tends to rain quite frequently in Montana, regardless of season, so you should make sure to pack a rain jacket even if the weather doesn’t appear to be extremely capricious. In summer, get a gore-tex rain jacket without insulation as you will need something that doesn’t make you too hot. In case the days prove to be colder than usual, bring a fleece shirt and wear it under your jacket.

Should you travel to Montana in late fall, winter, or early spring, make sure that you get an insulated rain jacket to protect you from cold. Ideally, the rain jacket should have a gore-tex shell, but any waterproof material will do.

A wading jacket for winter fishing

Typically, a wading jacket would be a bit too much for summer fishing in Montana, as a rain jacket would be enough, even for colder days. However, if your planned vacation happens in winter, it is quite a good idea to get a wading jacket with you, too.

These jackets can provide extra warmth and insulation, so they are ideal for the freezing days when you wade-fish. Also, you should pack wading pants for the same purpose, as the last thing you would need on such a fun trip would be to catch a cold.


Some extras to consider

While the following are not clothing items, they are a necessity for Montana travelers who visit the state to fish. Pack some sunscreen as the sun can get pretty hot during summer days, as well as some bug repellant.

Don’t forget that the capricious Montana weather allows you to pack more things than you may need. The extra caution will pay off when you witness the weather changing rapidly.



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