What Fishing Reels Are Made in the USA?

Last Updated: 05.08.20


Many people like buying products made in the USA as they know these go through a quality manufacturing process. The same applies to reels and if you’re looking for some large spinning reels you should know that we have an article on that.

You can find a lot of fishing reels made on US soil with passion by people who love fishing. From fly reels to ice fishing reels, and automatic reels, you can find it all; you just have to look for it. Here are some brands and manufacturers that produce fishing reels in the USA.



Ross Reels

The guys at Ross Reels established this brand in southern Colorado and they have been creating reels for over 3 decades. That is why the brand got to be one of the elite fly fishing companies. It produces, engineers, assembles and services all its products in one location.

That is why the company represents the proud “made in the USA” seal because it shows what a hard-working company can do when passionate people work for it. These guys specialize in anodized aluminum reels and they produce them with unmatched quality. They are so confident in their products that they offer a lifetime warranty for them.


Nautilus Reels

This reel manufacturing company says that its reels are the finest made and that may actually be true. Due to a history of 180 years, Nautilus Reels has the experience needed to know everything about reels. Although established in the USA, the roots of the company are somewhere in Norway in 1832.

The company was at first one that made metal mechanical parts and somewhere along the way it decided to become a producer of fishing reels. All that history gives this company an edge in terms of excellence, as the products created have the quality needed, but it also means that the brand can come up with new, innovative ideas.


Penn Fishing

This company was founded in 1932 by Otto Henze and since then it created many reel models that have a modern design. The brand also implements a modern production process and the people there pride themselves with being some of the most trusted reel makers. Millions of anglers from all around the world use Penn fishing gear day by day.

The founder’s idea was to produce the best quality fishing gear, and that is why the ones working for the company follow his passion. They have to continue the founder’s dream. The company has many reel models, most of them made for saltwater fishing. It produces spinning reels for both saltwater and freshwater and it also has some simple reels for saltwater.

The special feature of all the reels is a sealed system that keeps the grit and saltwater away so the reels work for longer. The saltwater reels are very rugged and they are made for pulling the biggest fish. You can even pull in sharks and sailfish with the Penn Torque models.

Producing anodized aluminum spinning reels too, Penn Reels offers a wide variety of products and each of them is proudly made in the USA. The reels are tough and they are treated to prevent being damaged and affected by corrosion from saltwater. You can also customize the reel that you choose as you see fit.



Avet is another company that produces precise-made components in the USA and it uses strong marine grade aluminum to create the strongest reels. The reels also come with stainless steel stock and that is why they offer incredible strength and they are also resistant to corrosion. They should last you a long time and offer you a great experience while fishing.

The aluminum parts are anodized to help you avoid corrosion and the finishes are quite spectacular, making you love the looks of these reels. The Avet workers design, produce and assemble the reels in a single factory in Chatsworth, California. The bearings aren’t made by them, and they are supplied from Los Angeles, but every other part is created in house and is proof of quality craftsmanship.


Aspen Fly Reels

The brand that produces these reels is called Barrel Service Company and it’s a small family business that makes use of machines to create some of the most interesting fly reels. Located in San Marcos, California, the company employs more than forty people, most of them machinists, but also operators and support personnel. They all work under the same roof.

The thing that best characterizes an Aspen fly reel is the simplicity of its design. This helps the workers create efficient reels that are also sturdy. The reels are lightweight too, and that is why they’re ideal for fly fishing. If you’re having a hard and long season, buying one or more fishing reels from this company will help you greatly.

Due to the simple yet sturdy design, these reels can work well in extreme weather and harsh environments and they will stay strong when you mishandle them.



Created in Montrose, Colorado by skilled technicians, Abel reels are made using the finest materials. Some people keep these reels as prizes in a collector’s shelf and that is due to how strong they are, capable of withstanding years of abuse.

Anglers have always given a lot of positive reviews to Abel fly reels and that shows how consistently good the company has been at producing quality fishing gear in the USA. Due to the high-quality materials used and the fine craftsmanship, these reels are amongst the best made in the country.

You can use Abel reels for saltwater or freshwater fishing, for both sport and casual fishing. The brand is a versatile one capable of delivering anything you need in terms of reels.



Golden Scout Ind.

You will probably not expect a fishing company based in Ash Grove, Missouri, but Golden Scout industrial managed to establish there and it has been producing unique reels for decades. The history of the company is an interesting one and it starts with Arkansas getting out of the great depression.

The product that the company is most proud of is the auto fisher that was initially imagined by John White Jr. in the 1940s. The technology used for this auto fisher was patented by White in 1951 and that’s what helped him be the best producer of reels in Arkansas in that period.

However, he had some competition in the ’60s in the form of the company named the Mechanical Fisher. After some years the two companies merged into Golden Scout and since 2017 the base of operations for the brand has been Ash Grove.

The reels that the company produces are unique because they allow the fishers to set the hook and after that, they hold a tight line whenever a fish pulls, just like a simple fishing pole would do.

This ingenious design allows the angler to set up multiple reels while he or she can go and do something else. This reduces lost fish and lost bait. The reels are proudly made in the USA and they have a galvanized steel body and a stainless steel spring and that ensures they are sturdy for years. When ordering from the company you get a box of 12 automatic reels so you will have enough to catch all the fish you want.



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