Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish-Finder Review

Last Updated: 03.07.20


The unit is very easy to use as it isn’t based on the same arch interface used by most fish finders in the same line.

It can be bought for less than ninety dollars, which makes it one of the most affordable alternatives for the money.

The screen is backlit and, therefore, allows you to fish both during the day and during the night.

The Venterior Portable model can also be used for ice fishing as its operating temperature ranges from -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to handle.



The transducer cable measures 7.5 feet and some users have reported that it’s way too long to use on a kayak. 

1.1 Venterior Portable


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Easy to install and utilize

The Venterior Portable is advantageous for many reasons, but the most important one seems to be that it doesn’t raise any technical difficulties to individuals who aren’t well-seasoned in the art of using an overly complicated fish finder. It takes a bit of time getting used to the arch interface and if you’re not necessarily interested in wasting many hours on learning how to operate such a device, perhaps you’d enjoy the simplified info displayed on the screen of the Venterior Portable. What’s more, since all the accessories are provided in the pack, the model is fairly easy to install even by a rookie.

Buy from for ($40.99)



Long cable

On the one hand, getting a transducer sonar sensor with a 7.5-meter cable might look something counterproductive in the beginning. However, there’s nothing stopping you from using some sort of DIY project so that you are able to use as much cable as you need. In other words, the manufacturing brand had to equip this unit with a longer power cable in order to tailor it to the needs of fishermen with large boats. Kayak anglers might be better suited to a different model or might need to address the cable issue some way or the other.

1.2 Venterior Portable

Accurate readings

Aside from the fact that the info that’s being displayed on the screen of the Venterior Portable is very easy to understand, the neat thing about this unit is that its accuracy beats the one of most of its competitors. In spite of the fact that it is unable to show you which fish is bigger and which one is smaller, the sensitivity of the device can be adjusted in such a way so that you’re able to target only large fish. After all, some sizes might be off-limit depending on the season.



All in all, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced fish finder that gets the job done under most circumstances, perhaps you’d make a great pair with the Venterior Portable. After all, most of the people who took the time to express their opinions about the performance of this model have nothing but good things to say about it. In other words, the device is convenient, reliable, and easy to use. Kayak fishermen are recommended to use a cover so that they protect the display of the unit.


Buy from for ($40.99)



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