Under Armour UA Drainster Shoes Review

Last Updated: 25.05.20


The Drainster is a reasonably priced shoe intended for water activities, whether you plan to spend a whole day at the beach with your family or friends or expect to engage in some serious fishing.

The quick-dry textile upper is both breathable and lightweight, which means that this pair of shoes is comfortable to wear under most circumstances, especially as it has been equipped with a series of holes on the sides in order to allow the water to flow out.

What’s more, the fact that these shoes feature a high-traction rubber outsole may come in handy as things tend to be a bit slippery when angling for a certain amount of time.

Since the pair has been constructed mostly with synthetic materials, it has a high chance of lasting for a long time, and this factor is a net advantage as water shoes have to be fairly durable to raise up to par.



Some of the people who’ve bought the Drainster say that the drainage holes on the sides are huge, which means that the sand and tiny rocks that can be found on the shore can get into the shoe rather easily.

When crossing a sleek, the traction might be less satisfactory, as reported by a customer. 



Our Review


Comfortable and easy to use

Under Armour is one of the most reputable brands in the industry of manufacturing high-quality water shoes, so it goes without saying that this model is in complete accordance with the company’s quality standards. As such, many of the people whose opinions we’ve considered during our research have reported that the shoes are comfortable and easy to use and manage to turn every fishing expedition into a breeze, all thanks to their user-friendly features.

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Lacing system gives users the freedom they need

The fact that the shoes are equipped with a lacing system makes it possible for users to adjust the fit, which is an enormous given that some may need a tighter one whereas others may feel inclined to give their feet a bit of space. Since the model has been developed for water activities, it’s no wonder it comes with a quick-dry textile upper and a number of drainage holes that can get rid of water in a matter of seconds. The fact of the matter is that both the midsole and the footbed have been developed to provide this convenience.


Rubber outsole

Finally, everybody needs good traction from such a product, and thanks to the rubber outsole with which this model has been equipped, your steps won’t ever have to be slippery. You’ll be able to get your hands on that big catch in no time.



If you’ve been trying to get a pair of shoes that are perfect for angling and spending some time on the boat, perhaps you ought to give a thought to the Under Armour UA Drainster. This model is designed for rapid drainage, offers an adjustable fit, and manages to give your feet all the ventilation they may require.


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