Under Armour Men’s UA Coastal Shorts Review

Last Updated: 13.08.19

Designed for comfort, these UA Coastal Shorts from Under Armour also live up to the company’s reputation for producing long lasting, durable products.

When you are in the hot sun all day, especially around fish odors can develop unless you are wearing a pair of these Under Armour shorts.

You will love the fashionable design and colors, along with the sturdy construction that is resistant to wear and tear from chlorine and salt water

Fishing is a messy sport and clothes will get dirty and Under Armour made sure that these shorts are easy to clean and maintain.

While there are a couple of pockets on the shorts some consumers have mentioned that they wished there were more. This is more a matter of personal taste and style, then an issue that affects the short’s quality and value.

Even though there is a drawstring closure the shorts can still run slightly big. This is not a problem since you can easily order a pair in a smaller size.

1.Under Armour Men's UA Coastal Shorts


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Durable and comfortable

Comfort and durability are key when you are looking for a pair of fishing shorts, and the Men’s UA Coastal delivers. The polyester material is lightweight and breathable so you can stay cool and comfortable on hot days. To ensure your movements aren’t restricted the shorts come with  4-way stretch fabrication, and the 7.5 inch long inseam won’t rub uncomfortably against your skin. With some consumers noting that these shorts “feel like pajamas”, you can be assured that comfort won’t be an issue.

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Equipped with a unique anti-odor coating

It’s hard to avoid the odors that come with fishing in the hot sun, but at least it won’t be your shorts that smell. The durable polyester material comes with an anti-odor coating that is surprisingly effective, even when you’ve been sitting in the sun for hours. While you can’t control everything on a fishing trip, at least you don’t have to worry about your shorts smelling bad.


Water-repellant properties

Whether you are fishing or playing other sports, it’s easy to look like a professional in these UA shorts. Designed to always be “in style”, you can also choose from a variety of fashionable colors. The wide cut legs ensure that the shorts are casual and comfortable, and you will love being able to wear them in the pool or ocean. The durable polyester is resistant to fading, even in salt or chlorinated water. The durable construction also allows the shorts to repel water, without having to give up any breathability.

2.Under Armour Men's UA Coastal Shorts


Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze

Your clothes are going to get dirty regardless of the activity, and it is always an advantage if the material is easy to clean. These UA shorts can be conveniently tossed in the washer, and the breathable polyester material ensures that they are easy to dry. Fast drying times can also prevent you from being stuck in wet clothes all day, which can ruin even a successful fishing trip.


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