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We can understand if you can’t go through our carefully researched buying guide and product descriptions below but we made sure this short paragraph provides the exact information you might be searching for on baitcasting rods. After doing a lot of product comparisons by examining reviews and ratings for different products in expert review sites and actual owner feedback, we have concluded that consumers apparently consider the Entsport 2PC a top-notch choice. This is due to its high-density EVA grip that delivers the necessary sensitivity so you can feel the uncertain nibbles of the fish testing the lure. This is a lightweight fishing rod with a huge overall strength thanks to its rigid and structurally enhanced, solid, carbon fiber construction for many fishing seasons of use. The rod features a reinforced reel seat built with corrosion-resistant aluminum hoods that can withstand the exposure to the harsh fishing environment. Because of how popular it is with consumers, the Entsport can quickly run out of stock but we recommend the second best option, the Berkley CWD701MHC-P.



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Now that you know what the characteristics you should be looking for when buying a baitcasting rod are, the following part of this article will also provide you with a short product list that enclose these and are able to offer an unforgettable fishing experience.



Entsport 2PC


The Entsport fishing rod is a two-piece unit supplied with two top pieces that enable you to select between two power levels to suit the type of angling you will do. Once the two top pieces are assembled, you get a 7-foot carbon casting fishing rod with a structurally-reinforced solid carbon fiber construction for an amazing flexibility and sensitivity.

This rod also incorporates an enhanced reel seat geared with corrosion-resistant aluminum hoods that work nicely to secure the reel in place and to avoid a wobbly structure once properly attached. The full-contact reel seat features a soft-touch finish that guarantees an ergonomic handling of the rod for comfort in your hand.

The rod is geared with 6+1 guides engineered to be corrosion-resistant so the components do not rub against the fishing line and cause abrasion that could ultimately result in line breakage. The guides are also evenly spaced apart to reduce the friction on any one spot, which can contribute to a high friction level between the rod and the line.

Get a maximum casting performance and sensitivity from this fishing rod that enables you to spend long days on the water without experiencing the easy onset of hand fatigue. Powerful, flexible, and versatile, the fishing rod features EVA split grips that have been ‘opened up’ to provide a direct contact with the fingers for an effortless handling and control while providing a secure hold of the rod.


This fishing rod boasts a strong carbon fiber construction that has been structurally enhanced so as not to show any sign of weakness despite its two-piece design, which is quite convenient for transport and storage especially for anglers who love exploring their fishing prospects in various locations.

The adequate overall strength of this fishing rod might be surprising considering the lightweight design of the unit, which optimizes strength without compromising sensitivity.

The enhanced reel seat is outfitted with aluminum hoods that contribute to the lightweight design while maintaining the durability of the rod thanks to a resistance to corrosion.

The reel seat ensures the easy attachment of a top-quality reel with its full-contact configuration and a soft-touch finish that facilitates problem-free handling.

The rod is outfitted with 6+1 corrosion-resistant guides that are uniformly spaced apart to deliver a fishing line flow that stays friction-free because of reduced abrasion between the rod and the line.


Great care has to be taken when assembling the rod as improper assembly could lead to the breakage of the various parts.

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Berkley CWD701MHC-P


The Berkley CWD701MHC-P is available in a series of either one-piece or two-piece rods depending on your size preference, but the 7-foot model offers a Medium-Heavy power plus a 10-20 line rating to accommodate most casting applications. This is a redefined fishing rod with a hybrid design that combines the good power and flex to deliver a top-notch implement to the fishing enthusiast.

This tool provides a good degree of sensitivity thanks to its remarkable grip and the tactile quality of the cork handle so you can really feel even the most tentative fish strikes on the lure, which enables you to do decisive hook setting every time. Get the security needed from the through-handle construction that transmits vibrations from the lure to your hand.

The rod is equipped with the revolutionary SS304 guides, which boast a 20 times tougher design and a 55 percent lighter structure compared to regular aluminum oxide guides. The SS304 Guides are subjected to factory testing to ensure a consistent performance and dependability. You will love how easy the rod is to control and how comfortable it stays in your hand to support long days on the water.

This fishing rod comes with a cork handle that is reasonably sensitive, light and is able to maintain residual heat, which is highly useful when fishing in colder weather situations.


Equipped with a hybrid design construction, this fishing rod offers a good level of sensitivity that comes from the remarkable construction of the cork handle, which enables you to feel even the tentative nibbles of the fish on the lure.

The cork handle offers an extra grip and comfort to enable you to experience great fishing without the easy onset of hand fatigue or pain.

The SS304 Guides are engineered with 20X greater toughness and are readily 55 percent lighter compared to standard aluminum oxide guides, as they have undergone factory testing to ensure a high level of dependability.

The cork handle has a tactile quality for an exceptional level of sensitivity without compromising durability so you can enjoy many seasons of use.

With the Medium-Heavy power of this 7-foot rod that is rated for 10-20 fishing lines, it can be used for casting techniques to land good-sized fish with sufficient flexibility and strength.


While one customer has noted that the tip of the rod is not exactly the strongest, it does offer great casting and comes with an adequate stiffness to pull in anything that is caught.

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St Croix Premier


1.St. Croix Premier Casting RodsSt. Croix is a brand that has a good reputation to preserve and never fails to offer outstanding quality. The Premium series offered by them is fabricated with SCII graphite that provides highly increased sensibility ensuring you will rarely miss a fish with it.

To heighten that quality even more, the baitcasting rods included in this series are endowed with a natural cork grip that is not only lengthy, for effortless hold, but it also enhances their sensitivity to vibration.

To offer protection from water’s damaging effects and to prolong their lifespan, these baitcasting rods are finished with a double layer of Flex Coat slow-cure.

The series contains 34 products. Each one of them with different specifications depending on the purpose for which they are intended, and with rod dimensions going from 5.6 feet to 9 feet, thus fitted for all fishing settings and techniques.


This model is part of an exclusive series of fishing poles constructed with the unique needs of baitcasting anglers in mind. It comes with the power, sensitivity, and overall construction that make every piece stand out.

Constructed with SCII graphite, this fishing rod allows you to feel the fish tentatively biting on the end of your fishing line thanks to its exceptional sensitivity.

The natural cork grip makes the setup lightweight compared to foam handles. It is also able to maintain residual heat for fishing during chilly weather. The component has considerably less damping capacity than EVA foam so vibrations are transmitted better. You can maintain your grip better even when the handle gets wet.

Make the most of the rod’s Fast action and Medium-heavy power to land the catch easily with just enough stamina and sustained energy to keep fighting.


Based on the experience of a customer, the reel has to be tightened periodically when you catch one fish after another during a full day of angling.

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St Croix Mojo


2.St. Croix Mojo Inshore Casting RodsOffered by the same company, the St Croix Mojo Inshore casting rods is, as its name says it, a series designed especially for inshore saltwater fishing.

For that purpose, the manufacturer has equipped these products with Batson Forecast® hard aluminum-oxide guides, to ensure corrosion resistance in time.

The rod is made out of graphite, a top quality material that is perfectly balanced between great strength and outstanding sensitivity.

As a result, you will immediately know when a fish is biting. To add to these impressive characteristics, the products are fitted with cork grips – a natural, strong material with good vibration sensing qualities.

The handle has a split design, being divided in two sections for a better weight distribution, rendering this product easy to hold and maneuver.


This single-build 7-foot 6-inch fishing rod offers a Fast Action and a Medium-heavy power to handle many types of fish without losing its stamina or without any points of weakness either.

This model is crafted out of the brand’s premium-quality SCII graphite blank to ensure remarkable sensitivity while keeping a lightweight design.

The saltwater-rated Batson Forecast® hard aluminum-oxide guides ensure that the line flows smoothly along the pole, with reduced friction from the constant rubbing should the fish put up a tremendous battle to avoid getting landed.

Durably constructed, this model performs as designed and can help you land the catch of the season because of the good distribution of weight along its entire length.

The 316 stainless-steel frames of the aluminum oxide guides are also made resistant to corrosion so they do not require frequent replacements even with constant exposure to the saltwater environment.


Anglers who prefer a stiffer backbone and less whippiness should opt to purchase the medium-power version of this model.

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Berkley E-MOTION


3.Berkley E-MOTION Casting RodThe baitcasting rods series offered by Berkeley, comes with good quality and fishing performances, at a reduced price, compared to the St Croix series.

The basic components of these rods are 24 ton and 30 ton graphite. This combination increases the stiffness of their products, and, by that, the number of vibrations that the rod is able to transmit.

Unfortunately, if the tonnage (that determines the quality of the graphite in the rod) of the graphite is too elevated, chances are the rod shatters, and that is why this product blends two different types of graphite: one with a lower tonnage and one with a more elevated one.

This baitcasting rod is fitted with an EVA foam handle that has an ergonomic shape to offer you comfort and maneuvering easiness. The series features a solid hybrid guide system and it offers different models depending on your individual needs.


If you want a fishing rod with more backbone, this is the model to get. It comes with a robust graphite blank that has enough stiffness to withstand the energy of fighting fish without falling apart.

The graphite blank also enables the rod to transmit vibrations more effectively so you can feel the action at the end of the fishing line in the water.

This is a one-piece model so there are technically no weak points or areas of contact that could reduce the strength and overall rigidity of the unit.

Available in a variety of power ratings, this is the type of rod that can be used for a range of fishing styles, so there’s always a suitable one for the type of angling you predominantly do.

The guides add no excess weight to the light rods in the same series. Despite their lightweight design, the rods in the product line can stand up to good-sized bass.


The retaining system for the lower section of the fishing reel is part plastic, so the user has to carefully attach the primary component very carefully.

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Buying guide


Just like in any other sport, recreational fishing requires a combination of skills and carefully picked tools. Finding the right product is crucial if you’re decided to catch some fish and not going there only to look at the water. Only by searching through a great number of baitcasting rod reviews, you can really separate the wheat from the chaff. This buying guide will show you what qualities you must necessarily take into consideration when acquiring a new baitcasting rod.


A.1 Top baitcasting rods



Modern baitcasting rods are built with fiberglass, graphite or a combination of both. Both of them come with their own benefits. Generally speaking, you can say that fiberglass rods are stronger and more durable than graphite rods. Despite those advantages, most fishermen will still prefer a rod fabricated with graphite in any circumstance because this material is lighter, more flexible and sensitive, being able to cast greater distances and with more accuracy. Consequently, graphite is more expensive than fiberglass.



It is hard to make the right decision when it comes to the perfect rod size. Though longer rods come with an impressive number of advantages compared with shorter rods that limit you drastically, in many circumstances, they cannot be universally used for all fishing contexts. For example, if you are fishing on a small boat or pound, a long rod is difficult to handle. For other situations, however, longer rods perform better. They allow you to cast greater distances with precision, they offer you more power and they are also more flexible. If you are an amateur fisherman, and want to buy a simple baitcasting rod, you can go with the 7 feet rod, though do not expect it to behave perfectly in any situation.



A third important factor to consider before buying a baitcasting rod is its power, as it determines the weight of the bait, line size, and species of fish your rod can handle. They can be classified in ultra-light (UL), light (L), medium light (ML), medium (M), medium-heavy (MH), heavy (H) and extra-heavy (XH). Each of them is able to catch certain species of fish, depending on their weight. However, there are insignificant power discrepancies between, for example, a light or an ultra-light product, or between a medium-heavy and heavy one, each one being fitted for similar species. Nevertheless, it is advisable to buy a medium or medium-heavy item that will enable you to use it for an extended array of species.



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