Tica UEHA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod Review

Last Updated: 15.08.20


Often considered the best surf rod, it comes with a lightweight construction that is flexible and durable.

The rod is easy to handle, and you will love its convenient two piece design.

Since the Tica UEHA series rod is designed to be used for surf fishing on the west and east coasts, it can help you save money on necessary gear since you only need to purchase one.

It features a sleek and stylish design that is also comfortable to use.

You will appreciate the durable graphite construction that is backed by a 30 day guarantee.



It should be noted that this spinning surf fishing rod is not designed to bring in large salt water fish, and some consumers have mentioned that the tip can break off under pressure.

Some consumers have mentioned that it can feel “sluggish” when casting, but this is to be expected since it is a medium action surf fishing rod.

1.Tica UEHA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod


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Lightweight and flexible

Beginners and experienced anglers love the well balanced feel of this Tica UEHA series surf spinning fishing rod. The rod is specifically designed for casting in the surf, and comes with a durable construction that is powerful enough to reel in salmon and perch. The rod is constructed from sturdy graphite which is lightweight and flexible. This allows the rod to bend without breaking, which is always an advantage when you are fighting to reel a fish in. The well balanced design also helps ensure your casts are accurate, and that the rod is comfortable to handle.

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Easy to carry around

Not only is the surf spinning rod easy to handle, it is also designed to be convenient to carry. The graphite rod can be easily broken down into two pieces so you can carry it with the rest of your gear. When you are ready to start casting the two pieces simply snap together, and the titanium ring guides will ensure that the rod is properly rigged. The titanium is also resistant to rust and corrosion, which can be a problem when you are fishing in salt water.

3.Tica UEHA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod


A versatile design

One of the advantages of this surf fishing rod is its versatile design. The rod can be used for surf fishing on the west and east coasts and can catch salmon and perch, along with stripers and even some types of bass. Since you only need to purchase one rod the Tica series can help you save money on necessary gear, and you will also appreciate its affordable price. Designed to impress experienced anglers and fit almost any budget, it’s not hard to see why these rods are a popular choice with beginners and professional fishermen.


Corrosion-resistant guides

The black graphite construction not only gives the rod a sleek and elegant appearance, the dark color also won’t startle any nearby fish. The silver titanium ring guides and aluminum tip also add to the rod’s stylish appeal, while making it easy to handle. The guides are resistant to corrosion from salt water, and make it easy to thread your line through. The reel seat is also constructed from durable graphite, and your hands will appreciate the comfortable black cork tape on the handle. Not only does the cork tape provide you with a comfortable grip, it also helps to prevent the rod from slipping out of wet hands when you are fighting to bring a fish in.

2.Tica UEHA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod


Reassuring money back guarantee

You will appreciate knowing that this durable graphite surf fishing rod comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This is especially beneficial for online customers who might be worried about purchasing a surf fishing rod from a website. The warranty also protects against any damage that might occur during shipping, which is always a welcome benefit for online customers. Designed to be sturdy, lightweight and flexible, this might be the only rod you need for surf fishing.



Tica UEHA series surf spinning rods are designed for beginners and experienced anglers. The graphite body and reel seat are lightweight and durable, and give the rod a well balanced design that is comfortable to handle. The cork tape provides a comfortable and secure place to grip, and you will also appreciate the titanium guides and aluminum tip that make it easy to thread a line through. Perfect for surf fishing on the west and east coasts and designed to be easy to carry, there is very little not to like about this medium action surf spinning fishing rod.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($93.29)




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