The Fishing Tree Sun Protection Fingerless Gloves Review


This pair of gloves are guaranteed to deliver a reliable level of protection from the sun for your hands, so you can carry out your fishing techniques without worrying about sun damage to your skin.

These gloves provide protection and versatility without weighing your hands down, so you can do perfect casting and reeling in or other tasks without worrying about reduced sensitivity in the transmission of bites at the tip of your fishing rod or a tactile feel while indulging in your other hobbies.

The gloves are comfortable to wear and provide the necessary stretch you want to give freedom of movement while ensuring durability.

These gloves are quite easy to maintain so you can keep them always clean and fresh smelling every time you use them.

The gloves make a perfect present to anyone you care about and even for yourself when you feel no gloves on the market can accommodate your needs.



Some users recommend that the size guidelines be followed when ordering, as these impressive gloves run a bit too big, which does ensure more than adequate coverage for your hands.

One user found some loose threads in the thin and breathable spandex but appreciates the padding support that these best fishing gloves are made with. 1.1 The Fishing Tree


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More than enough sun protection

As proven by SGS Group, a leading scientific testing research company, The Fishing Tree SUN PROTECTION fishing gloves are guaranteed to provide both SPF 50+ and UPF sun protection unlike other fingerless glove brands. The gloves help protect your hands against sunburn, effectively keeping away sunspots and skin tightening during extended and frequent sun exposure. The gloves also reduce the chances of melanoma, a type of skin cancer that can spread to other tissues in your body including the lungs, liver, brain, lymph nodes and tissue under the skin. The gloves provide a barrier that helps prevent calluses and blisters when handling gear for various tasks including driving and fishing.

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Lightweight and breathable

Use these gloves for strenuous activities such as kayaking, horse training, dragon boat racing, fishing and driving when using ordinary mittens, gloves or liners is just not enough. These fingerless gloves are lightweight and breathable and are made for both men and women. They have the tactile or sensitive quality you want so you can really feel what you are doing. Serving like an extension of your hands, the gloves provide protection to your skin as well as dependable comfort.

1.2 The Fishing Tree


Reliable construction

The gloves have velcro wrists that keep them from riding up your hands. Fashionable yet of the right thinness, the gloves will fit you without causing your palms to sweat underneath even when worn in the middle of summer. Stylish and built tough, the gloves are made of dove grey amara synthetic leather and navy blue lycra to ensure reliable comfort and stretch plus freedom of movement while making you feel you’re not wearing anything on your hands. Be assured of toughness thanks to the black non-slip PVC patches complemented by sufficient padding.



The gloves can be washed in the machine for hassle-free maintenance. You can throw them in with the rest of the laundry after using the gloves for sweaty, strenuous activities. The gloves are stylish enough to pair with sun sleeves and hats to get ultimate shading.


Double stitched seams 

Keep sensitive hands shielded in these fingerless gloves to ensure perpetually younger-looking skin. These gloves keep your hands from aging prematurely due to overexposure to the sun. The material blocks 49/50ths or about 98 percent of UV radiation like sunblock creams do. Give them as gifts to friends, loved ones and yourself for use in any outdoor setting. Guaranteed of high quality, the gloves have double-stitched seams that ensure added strength so they will not fall apart easily when doing grubby jobs and after washing.

1.3 The Fishing Tree



Fully supported by the manufacturer’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, these gloves are made tough without compromising on comfort. They are shipped in a giftable box so they make the perfect gift for the active individual.


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