The Famous Fish with a Human Face from South Korea

Last Updated: 27.05.20


People have always been fascinated by animals that resemble us. Curious examples have shown up throughout the years and while some of them were fake and only meant to get clicks, a few remain puzzling to this day. This is the case for the fish with a human face spotted in South Korea many years ago. 

This so-called “humanoid” carp has attracted the attention of local people and tourists in the town of Chongju, South Korea. There were two fish, believed to be the hybrid descendants of two carp species: the leather carp, which is also known as the tangerine fish, and the common carp.



The fish are more than three feet long and the reason they have garnered so much attention is the fact that they appear to have distinctive human eyes, lips, noses, and teeth. The most unsettling part of the face is the nose since we all know that fish don’t have noses and they use their gills to breathe, yet this strange hybrid seems to have developed the shape of a human nose on its face.

There is also a video of the fish in question which makes the discovery even more unnerving once you see the two fish in motion, not to mention that it helps add credibility to the story. Unlike a photo which is very easy to edit, the video does look genuine, but as with everything on the internet, it is best to take it with a grain of salt.

The fish are females which means that it is impossible for the species to procreate, and these curiosities of nature will, unfortunately, be the last we are likely to see anytime soon since the possibility of other human-faced fish offspring is out of the question.

The fish were raised by a senior South Korean man and have lived in the pond behind his home ever since 1986, but it was only in the last few years that their curios look started to attract attention. The owner has also reported that the fish started to get more and more human-like in appearance only in the last couple of years.



The human-faced carp from South Korea remains one of the most famous cases of a fish with a human face to this day. While it is tempting for people to make more out of this story, the truth is that the human face was simply the results of a genetic accident caused by cross-breeding two different species of carp.



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