Taking care of your fishing reels

With proper care and maintenance, a good reel can last more than a decade. There’s no other way around it, and you should know it. If you’re not exactly keen on the idea of spending a lot of money on a new reel every time to go on a fishing expedition, perhaps you ought to look at the several tips and tricks we’ve prepared to help you learn about fishing reel maintenance.

Taking care of your fishing reels


The problem with saltwater

One of the first things that ought to be underlined is that reels aren’t particularly friendly with saltwater. This doesn’t mean that you ought to avoid using your reel in saltwater altogether. Instead, you should know that you have to give it a good rinse right after you’ve finished utilizing it or once you’re back home and have everything prepared. The simplest thing you can do is immerse the reel in freshwater, shake it around, and then refill your bucket with freshwater until you’re absolutely convinced that there’s no trace of salt anywhere in the bucket or on your reel. If the reel has been completely submerged in saltwater, you have to take it apart and clean it thoroughly. Believe it or not, salt can significantly take a toll on the components in the product, which is why you should act as quickly as possible.



While not all reels are created the same and as such, they may have different parts, there’s a simple set of ground rules that you can stick to if you’d like to keep the product in top shape. Taking the reel apart isn’t all that difficult as you’ll need a couple of screwdrivers, depending on the dimension of the bolts. You’ll also require a pair of tweezers, an old toothbrush, and all the other cleaning substances and products recommended by the manufacturer. On the same note, always stick to the chemicals endorsed by the manufacturing brand.

Take the reel apart using a mat or any clean surface where you can store all the components without losing any. Disassembling the unit has to be done in the right order, and you should use the same one to reassemble it. If you’re feeling a bit panicky, we recommend asking for a friend or family member to do a video while you’re taking the reel apart, so that you know the exact steps you’ve taken.

Cleaning the parts can be done with a biodegradable solution that can do the trick just as well as WD-40. While many people tend to think that WD-40 is also a lubricant, we’re not here to burst your bubble but we have to tell you that it is not. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to resort to using grease or oil to cover the gears and bearings, although it might be a bit messy. Start by using small quantities of grease and apply them with a brush or a pick; don’t suffocate the components of the reel in a lot of oil from the beginning. Patience is key, so be sure to do this during a weekend or when you have a day off, and there’s nothing else you must do. Everything has to fit together at the end, and there must no piece left behind.


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