Supertrip TM Full Metal Aluminum Saltwater Fishing Reel Review

Last Updated: 14.07.19
This is often considered one of the best saltwater reels due to its durable and supportive design.

Constructed from durable, high quality metal this saltwater reel is strong enough to bring in large game fish.

The multiple ball bearings ensure a smooth and reliable performance, and you also have the advantage of the anti-reverse BB.

As stated in the product reviews all of the interval parts are designed to be stronger that similar models, including the gear system.

Priced to fit most budgets, this saltwater spinning reel also comes with a stylish design.

Some consumers have mentioned that the reel’s smaller size makes it impractical to use on large saltwater fish, but it is capable of bringing in bass and walleye.

While this is a saltwater reel there have been mentions that some of the external parts can become corroded, but this can be easily resolved simply by remembering to thoroughly dry it after each fishing trip.

1.Supertrip TM Full Metal Aluminum Saltwater


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High-speed performance

When you are casting for bass, walleye or some species of saltwater fish you need a reel that is solid and dependable. This spinning reel from Supertrip is capable of providing you with the smooth, high speed performance you need to keep up with faster fish, along with the support necessary to successfully bring your catch in. The transmission structure is a steel rack bar that ensures a smooth and easy performance, and the reel is also supported on both sides to prevent any wobbling that might cause a fish to get away.

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The aluminum build makes this reel lightweight and durable

While this reel may be slightly smaller than other models, this does not affect its strength and durability. It is constructed from a sturdy aluminum material that is lightweight and won’t affect the balanced feel of your rod. Since the reel is also supported on both sides you don’t have to worry about it wobbling, and throwing off the accuracy of casts. Resistant to corrosion due to exposure to saltwater and easy to keep clean, this spinning reel might make the perfect addition to your fishing gear.

2.Supertrip TM Full Metal Aluminum Saltwater


Twelve metal ball bearings

With 12 metal ball bearings you know you can always rely on a smooth performance from this saltwater reel. The durable bearings are resistant to corrosion that can slow their performance, and designed to last for years. You also have the advantage of the anti-reverse bearing which prevents the line from going slack when you are trying to set your hook. Enjoy smooth casts and retrievals with this lightweight and durable spinning reel.


Tested for strength

As stated in the product reviews, every part of this spinning rod is tested for strength and durability. This includes the brass pinion gear system that is designed to be stronger than its competitors. The front and rear drag system helps to ensure a smooth retrieval, even when the fish is fighting back. You will also appreciate how easy the drag system is to set, and it can also be adjusted whenever needed. With plenty of support and a durable metal construction you can easily bring in flukes, bass, and even an occasional stingray with this saltwater spinning reel.


A budget-friendly choice that’s worth the investment

Not only does this spinning reel come at an affordable price, it also has a sleek and stylish design. The reel’s smaller size ensures that it won’t affect the balance of the rod, and it’s streamlined design is attractive and functional. The silver and gold accents give the reel a stylish appeal that will catch the eye of any angler. The handle on the reel is also designed for appearance and function. The metal construction ensures durability, and the handle can also be folded up for convenient storage. With attention paid to every detail, it’s easy to see why this saltwater reel is a popular choice with beginners and experienced fishermen.

3.Supertrip TM Full Metal Aluminum Saltwater


Whether you are casting for bass in a stream or fishing from the shore, this small spinning reel might be exactly what you are looking for. It comes with a durable construction, and the necessary support you need to successfully bring in 25 pound fresh and saltwater fish. The high speed capabilities of the reel ensure that you can keep up with faster fish, and you will appreciate the smooth performance provided by the metal ball bearings. The front and rear drag system is easy to set, and can also be adjusted as necessary. With the convenient folding handle and its affordable price, there is very little not to like about this saltwater spinning reel.


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