Stormr Strykr Jacket Review

Last Updated: 07.07.20


Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, this fishing jacket from Stormr is a great choice for experienced anglers and offshore fishermen.

Every aspect of this jacket is designed for protection and durability, including the corrosion resistant zippers.

Warm and waterproof even the worst weather won’t affect your comfort when you are wearing this insulated fishing jacket from Stormr.

Since you can choose from a variety of colors and sizes it is easy to find the perfect jacket for your next fishing trip.



It should be mentioned that this fishing jacket is designed for cold and wet weather, and due to its effective insulation it is not the best choice for wear during the summer months.

Some consumers have noted that the collar on this jacket is extremely stiff, but it is important to remember that it is designed to be worn during rough weather and it needs to stay up in order to provide you with adequate protection.1.Stormr Strykr Jacket


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If you’ve ever been stuck out on the deck during a storm you know how cold and wet it can be, and finding shelter isn’t always an option when you are out at sea. Stormr has designed this fishing jacket for professional anglers and mariners so they can stay warm and dry even in the harsh weather. Constructed from durable neoprene fabric it is wind and waterproof, even when the spray is coming up over the bow. The material is also designed to stretch so you can still easily accomplish all of your tasks.

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Saltwater can be hard on a jacket especially exposed metal parts. The zippers on the front and pockets are resistant to corrosion so you will always be able to easily open and close them. On areas of the jacket that frequently come into contact with other surfaces Stormr has placed Duratex material that is resistant to constant rubbing and abrasions. The seams at the waist and cuffs are also glued and stitched for added durability.

Cold water isn’t only uncomfortable it is also potentially dangerous to your health, especially if you are stuck in wet clothing. The neoprene material is coated with a finish that is water repellent, and the elastic cuffs help to ensure you stay warm and dry. The inside of the jacket comes with a fleece lining for additional protection from cold wind. You will also appreciate knowing that the jacket has a 5 pound buoyancy in case it ends up in the water.

2.Stormr Strykr Jacket

You don’t want to have the exact same jacket as the guy standing next to you nor do you want it to be too big or uncomfortably small. The Strykr from Stormr is available in a range of sizes so you can easily find one that fits your frame. If you plan on wearing layers underneath, you will probably want to pick one that is a size larger than normal. You can also choose from three stylish colors so you can always look like the individual you are.


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