Southern Fin Apparel Performance Fishing Shirt Review


Easily the coolest shirt you’ve ever seen, this Performance Fishing Shirt from Southern Fin Apparel boasts the unique Puretech Technology fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable.

This best fishing shirt protects you from the harmful rays of the sun so you can stay out in the water for as long as you like or until you bag that fantastic trophy fish you’ve been dreaming of.

Enjoy a perfect lightweight fit with the cutting edge material this exceptional fishing shirt is made of–truly more than Moby Dick could ever ask for.

Aside from the lovely sailfish design, this shirt comes in a variety of others so you can get the perfect print you want for the type of fishing you enjoy.

This fishing shirt is made in the USA by a manufacturer recognized for making fishing a real way of life for all anglers out there.



One of the buyers of this awesome shirt says it tends to run a size bigger than expected, but the same buyer believes this is still a top quality shirt that deserves its high ratings because of its awesome features.

Another buyer received the shirt with a bit of snag in it and still decided to buy a second one direct from the manufacturer’s website for a different design and color than what was first purchased. 

1.1 Performance Fishing Shirt


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Can keep you comfortable and dry throughout a day of angling

Constructed with the brand’s exclusive Puretech Technology, this fishing shirt can be worn today and everyday while fishing on the boat, on the pier, in the water or anywhere else. The special fabric is able to wick away moisture and sweat, ensuring a cool, dry feeling all day. This also means you can use the shirt when you have to do other strenuous activities where you are sure to be sweating a lot. The shirt will not leave you drenched with sweat especially in all the spots where perspiration hits the most. You feel dry and comfortable all day so you won’t have to change into another shirt to guard against unwanted chafing from dried up sweat.

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UPF 50 sun protection

Boasting fantastic design and quality, this performance fishing shirt shields your skin from the harmful UV rays thanks to UPF 50 sun protection factor. This ensures that you don’t get sunburn or ugly sunspots. It also protects you from getting melanoma, a type of skin cancer that can metastasize or spread to different body tissues and that is caused by overexposure to the sun. With this shirt on, you can enjoy your fishing hobby to the hilt without worrying that you’ll get sick when staying out in the sun for long periods.

1.2 Performance Fishing Shirt


Lightweight fit 

Available in a range of bold color designs, this performance fishing shirt boasts solid and secure stitching on high quality material. Made of 100 percent polyester microfiber, the shirt delivers a relaxed lightweight fit that won’t be too snug on your body when bought in the correct size. The microfiber dri fit material keeps you dry as the shirt covers your torso in ultra softness that makes you feel good and look great.


Available in four designs

The sailfish design is not the only one you can get this performance fishing shirt in. It also comes with the Mahi, Native Fly and Redfish Tail designs so you can get the perfect one that reflects your personal taste. Better yet, get all four designs so you can have that cool and stylish look that’s different in every way, so every fishing trip or any other activity will get truly enhanced with the way you look and feel in the shirt.

Southern Fin Apparel undertakes to bring to the avid angler nothing less than authentic apparel that results from being raised on the beautiful waters of South Florida. This shirt demonstrates the deep passion for fishing as a way of life and is designed as a functional and wearable piece of clothing that never scrimps on comfort for you both on and off the water. Made by anglers for anglers, the shirt brings forward a legacy of love for fishing.

1.3 Performance Fishing Shirt



Made by a brand known for authentic fishing clothing, this performance fishing shirt from Southern Fin Apparel offers supreme comfort, wearability and functionality that every avid angler expects from this type of product. Enjoy your days out in the sun and on the water while looking good in any of the designs of the fishing shirt.


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