Signstek FF-011 Wireless Fish Finder Review

As stated in the Signstek FF-011 wireless fish finder reviews this handheld device uses sonar to give you accurate details of the surrounding water.

You will appreciate its lightweight and durable construction when you are spending the day out on the water.

This is often considered the best fish finder from Signstek for beginners and professional anglers.

The handheld device is easy to operate, and includes all of the functions you need at an affordable price.

It should be noted that this fish finder does not include a mount, though one can be purchased for an additional fee.

While this is considered one of the best fish finders with sonar sensor some consumers have mentioned that the device is occasionally inaccurate at depths of more than 10 feet.

15.2 Signstek FF-011


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This lightweight fish finder uses sonar technology to locate and identify any fish in the area. You also have the advantage of being able to see the contours and composition of the bottom, which can prevent your line from becoming tangled or snagged. The fish finder will accurately display the depth so you never have to worry about not having enough line for the area you are casting in. The included sonar will also display water temperature, which is always helpful when you are looking for the perfect area to start searching.

Featuring a lightweight and durable construction, this fish finder is also designed to function in all types of water conditions. The sturdy housing is water resistant, and helps to protect the sensitive round sonar from floating debris. The fish finder is designed to fit comfortably in your hand for convenient use, and since it only weights 12 ounces it can also be tied to the end of your fishing line for accurate depth and bottom composition readings.

15.1 Signstek FF-011

One of the reasons this device is so popular among professional and first time anglers is its’ easy to operate design. The LED screen is clearly visible in bright light, and you will appreciate the conveniently place front buttons when you are in a hurry to throw your line in. The back panel on the device slides open for quick and easy battery replacement, and with plenty of functions for depth, range, and even sensitivity it is not hard to see why even professional fishermen often depend on this device.

You have the advantage of the easy to operate design, along with its affordable price. The backlit LED screen clearly displays depth and the symbols for the type of fish located, and the touch buttons make it easy to select the right function. You can select the range of the fish finder to limit its search to specific depths, and you also have the advantage of being able to zoom in on a certain area. Accurate from 2 feet up to 100 feet, this fish finder can be used on streams, lakes, and even in the ocean.


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