Shimano Tekota Star Drag Reel Review


The diecast aluminum frame featured by this model should give you a pointer as to whether it can withstand impact or mechanical shock. It’s reasonably lightweight and easy to handle.

An aluminum braced graphite non-handle side plate completes the design of this item and offers the customer a stable grip while increasing safety.

This product also features a manual clutch lever, which makes it easy to operate the system just by using one hand.

The gear ratio is 4.2 to 1, while the reel has four ball bearings and can switch between line capacities of 16/390, 20/300 or 25/240.



The feedback received from the customers that have tried out this product suggests that it might be tough to adjust the drag while trolling.

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Despite the fact that this item was explicitly manufactured as a tuna fishing reel, it is very versatile, and it can be adapted to several other species. You can also try to target more abundant species, like salmon for example.

You’re free to experiment when it comes to this reliable fishing reel.

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As with many other similar devices, it’s important to consider the materials used when manufacturing this piece of equipment. Made using high-quality aluminum, the Shimano Tekota has a sturdy construction that manages to withstand the test of time on account of its ability to put up with any impact and mechanical shocks.

Deformations are unlikely to ensue, but while having this strong shape, the reel also manages to be lightweight and easy to carry, due to the properties of its material.

Not only that, but the angler won’t feel that his or her movements are hindered due to the weight of the reel.



To make sure that the customer doesn’t accidentally miss a catch, the designers have added an oversized cast control knob, that’s hard to miss. This small detail will make it easier for you to drag your catch towards you, given that it makes the device a lot easier to operate.



Casting and retrievals are made easy with the design of this unit. It only comes in a right hand retrieve, but that’s just a minor inconvenience. Its performance is impressive if you’re willing to use this reel for trolling, because it can work well under many circumstances.

If you use the right line size, there isn’t anything that can stop you from exploring the techniques and the species that you find most interesting.



As far as excellent tuna reels go, it’s safe to say that this model is one of the most reliable alternatives the market has to offer. Not only is it reasonably priced for the high-quality that it delivers, but it also does not mess around with the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process.

The durable aluminum provides a stable shape that’s bound to offer an extended lifespan while maintaining a lightweight design that makes fishing a lot more enjoyable for the angler.

Expand your limits and try catching different breeds, and larger fish that you haven’t had access to before.


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