Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod Review

Last Updated: 26.05.20

If you have been looking for a good spinning rod but don’t think you are prepared to invest more than one hundred dollars in such a product, it might be a good idea to check out the specs of the Shimano Stimula 2. We’ve seen that many online retailers sell it for less than fifty dollars, so we’d go as far as state that it’s a real bargain. This is a 2-piece spin rod that does what it’s supposed to do with little to no effort on the part of the fisherman. The fact that it was built by Shimano, one of the world-known brands in the industry, has a say about the quality of the construction of this alternative.

1.Shimano Stimula 2-Piece


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A pole construction to depend on

Available lengths range from 5-ft 6-in to 7-ft. The rod has aluminum oxide guides and an EVA butt cap that can be utilized to support the item against the user’s body. When fighting large-sized fish, we recommend gripping the rod as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, the model even features a hook keeper that can allow you to keep tabs on what’s happening with your hooks without letting them swinging around.

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Available in many sizes and power ratings

Considering that the Shimano Stimula is available in a wide variety of power ratings, it goes without saying that it can be utilized with great results for various types of fishing. Thus, people who might be interested in choosing this option may opt for the right kind of rod depending on the species they are targeting.

One can catch anything from big to small bass to trout and salmon using this type of rod. Since the technique differs from one individual to the next, we recommend assessing your needs and preferences before deciding to order the item online. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt if you took the time to read some of the Amazon reviews gathered by this product, as there are many folks who took the time to detail all the features that impressed them and some of the glitches they may have encountered while using the rod.


Recommended for freshwater fishing

Typically, the Shimano Stimula should be used in freshwater conditions. However, many people claim that they have also employed it in saltwater. Nevertheless, to preserve the excellent state of the product, we recommend a good rinse after using it in the sea or ocean. In short, this is a simple rod that seems to be tailored to the preferences of many users out there. It takes the cake when it comes to convenience, durability, and reliability and gets the job done without asking for too much of a learning curve from the one using it.

2.Shimano Stimula 2-Piece


A budget-friendly spin rod

From what we’ve seen, the rod can be used both by beginners and by well-seasoned fishermen, although the latter seem to prefer it more as a backup instead of a main unit. Having been constructed with top-notch materials, it’s safe to say that the Shimano Stimula is at least worth taking into account if you’re still in the market for a great, affordable spin rod.


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—> Since the Shimano 2-piece spin rod is one of the affordable models in the line, it does not come with a reel of its own. This seems to be one of the main issues that were on the mind of prospective buyers as the product usually costs under thirty dollars and it would have been an incredible bargain to get the reel, as well as the rod, for this price.


—> Other anglers wanted to know if they could pair this pole with a Pflueger President model and use them with a 10 to 20 lb rated braid. Based on the info that we have gathered, it seems that this combination would have great results as long as you’re realistic and understand that a medium-action rod paired with such a reel and line would be best when employed for anything from panfish to bass. Ultralight alternatives are intended for smaller species such as trout, perch, or crappie. In that case, it’s recommended that you use a 3 to 4 lb line. Muskie and large pike would require a baitcasting setup instead of any combo containing this spin rod, as attested by many individuals who have bought the product.


—> While the sensitivity of a 7-inch rod cannot be denied, especially as it can handle many weights of line, it may be a bit difficult to operate if your degree of expertise isn’t particularly high. The line and lure recommendations should be considered with care before finalizing your purchase, as should the length of the rod. Medium lengths are to be preferred if what you have on your mind is targeting trout.


—> Other owners were inquisitive about the construction of the product and whether or not it was made out of graphite or fiberglass. In short, the unit is made of a combination of the formerly mentioned materials, which is why it might be more flexible compared to other poles used by anglers who prefer spinning techniques. Even so, it does an excellent job when targeting catfish and other species with the same weight.


—> Even though some fishermen and women are wary as to whether or not they should choose the Shimano over the Shakespear alternative, it seems that most of the people who provided feedback say that the Shimano units are of a superior quality. With that in mind, there’s nothing stopping you from pairing this rod with a reel that emphasizes its abilities, provided that you don’t try to use it for techniques such as baitcasting.


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