Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod Review

Easily the best spinning rod that will help you land more fish while costing you less, the Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod is a two-piece model perfect for novice anglers just learning to develop the skills for the art of fishing. Available at a most reasonable price, the fishing pole carries a most respected name that comes from the brand’s dedication to bringing highly-reliable products that meet the demands of the most discriminating anglers. Available in a range of power and action ratings, the rods belonging to this series incorporate durability and performance without compromise.



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Sensitivity and performance

The Shimano Solora 2 series comprises spinning rods characterized by medium power and fast action. The rods are constructed using durable aeroglass fiberglass material. Popular since the 1950’s, fiberglass fishing poles easily took over where steel rods left off. They offer the performance and features that steel rods are deficient in. Although fiberglass rods do not carry the degree of sensitivity that graphite rods boast aside from having greater weight, the rigidity and level of action quite offset those limitations easily.

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Made to withstand the test of time

A number of anglers like the ability of fiberglass rods to fish using crankbaits due to their slow action. Muskie fishermen prefer fiberglass for use in cold weather most especially when the sensitivity of the fishing rod is not considerably as essential as the toughness in terms of hook setting in extremely cold weather without breaking the rod. Children just learning the basic rudiments of angling will do well with a fiberglass rod that offers durability for rough, juvenile handling.


Cork handles and foregrip

The rear grip handles and foregrip are constructed of cork instead of EVA foam. Thanks to the cork material, the handle offers a much lighter weight compared to a foam one. The cork material is amazingly able to retain residual heat, which can be most appreciated when fishing in cooler temperatures. This makes a cork handle warm to the touch on cold days. Additionally, the decreased damping capacity of a cork handle enables it to communicate vibrations to the hands of the angler better. EVA foam tends to damp vibrations three times more compared to cork, which equates to three times more sensitivity for the latter material.



Zero fish losses

More importantly, considering the conditions the angler will be doing the activity in, the non-slippery quality of cork when wet makes it a delight to hold in the hand, with less compression rating than EVA foam under load so you can hold on to the catch and worry less about fish losses.

The Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod comes equipped with a solid locking graphite reel seat that ensures reliable locking capability to hold the reel in place securely. The reel slides easily into the reel seat groove to lock in place securely without weighing the rod down significantly.


Consumers can go for a wide range of models in the series.


The SLS56UL2 is a 5-foot 6-inch model that offers ultra-light power and fast action. Being ultra-light, this specific model works really well for targeting small bait fish such as panfish. The fast action makes the rod the best choice for fishing techniques that need awesome sensitivity levels to fish doing light biting and also when angling for large game fish in heavy weeds and cover that need fast hook setting with a simple flip of the wrist to get the head of the fish up and away. The fast action rod works really well with soft plastic worms, jigs or shad-shaped crankbaits for capturing walleye and bass.

The SLS56UL2 is usable for line ratings of 2 to 6 pounds and lures between 1/32 to 3/16 ounces. The line guides include one tip top and four more distributed evenly along the rod’s length.

The SLS56M2 is a 5 foot 6 inch rod with medium power and fast action that ensures workability with black bass, channel catfish and walleye. It has a line rating of 6 to 14 pounds and usability with ⅛ to ½-oz lures. The Guides include the tiptop and four others.


The SLS60M2 is a 6-foot rod with a 6 to 14-pound line rating, a lure rating between ⅛ to ½ ounce and a medium power fast action. It has 4 other guides in addition to the tip top.

The SLS66M2 also offers medium power and fast action, a line rating of 6 to 14 pounds and a lure rating from ¼ to ⅝ oz. This 6-foot 6-inch rod has 5 guides along the shaft plus one tiptop guide.

The SLS66MH2 is another 6-foot 6-inch rod with medium heavy power and fast action, making it ideal for catching muskellunge, striped bass, blue catfish and flathead catfish. It has a line rating of 8 to 17 pounds and a lure rating of ¼ to ¾ oz. Aside from the tiptop, the fishing pole has 5 guides along its shaft.

The SLS70M2 is a 7-foot fishing pole offering medium power and fast action. It has a line rating of 6 to 14 pounds, a lure rating of ⅕ to ⅝ oz. and five more guides along with one tiptop guide.


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