Shakespeare SYMCX Synergy Titanium Microcast Review

The Shakespear SYMCX Synergy Titanium Microcast Spincasting Box Reel is the best spincast reel money can buy, as attested by the numerous positive user reviews it has gathered over time. This is a no muss, no fuss item that’s easy to use and comes with virtually all the features one might ever be looking for. If you are still prospecting the market and find it relatively hard to get a product that offers the best value for the price, you might want to take into account this Shakespear alternative.

2.Shakespear SYMCX Synergy


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Stainless steel components

What makes this reel so special and why is it so acclaimed in the United States and Canada? First off, it has a polished stainless steel front and rear cover. Stainless steel is great for people who might feel tempted to use the reel both in saltwater and in freshwater. Saltwater can definitely take its toll on a reel. It is worth noting that the line guide is made of titanium, and the drag system is both gear driven and fully customizable.


Dependable metal handle

Other attractive features include a sturdy metal handle that comes with soft-grip rubber knobs and a left to right convertible retrieve. The durable elastomer pinch ring is part of the deal with this unit.

This model is a one ball bearing reel that features a gear ratio of 4.1:1 and has a line capacity of 4/70 yards. As is the case with other products in the same line, this one comes filled with four pounds of fishing line.

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Made by one of the leading brands in the industry

It might be worth considering that the Shakespear brand has been on the market for a very long time now, during which it has managed to build a withstanding reputation. This manufacturer is well-known for constructing high-quality tackle, and this particular reel has been included in various lists of the best units for spincasting. All things considered, it certainly looks like the Shakespear Synergy Titanium Microcast alternative has been designed and developed in accordance with the quality requirements imposed by Shakespear .

From what we have seen, one of the favorite combos composed of a reel and rod is the one including this model and the Shakespear Travel Mate Casting Rod.


Great value for the price

Compared to other spincasting reels, this one is remarkably affordable. A low price does not mean low quality in this case, as the unit has been praised time and time again for its performance. Some online marketplaces might try to sell it for thirty dollars or more, but Amazon consumers can often get it for as little as twenty dollars. Amazon is, in fact, one of the most trusted online retailers that sell hunting and fishing items.

If you are ever feeling unsure about whether you should purchase the reel or not, all you have to do is go to a tackle shop and get some pieces of advice from the seller. On the other hand, after having looked at the specs and features of this model, you might benefit from going through several consumer reviews. Actually, consulting the opinions of other buyers should play a significant role in your prospecting process, as the ones who have encountered negative experiences are known to write detailed reviews.

1.Shakespear SYMCX Synergy


Favorable user feedback

So what are consumers saying about the Shakespear SYMCX Synergy Titanium Microcast reel? Most of the users whose ratings we have gone through claim that they got the model for backpacking. According to various individuals, this reel features a compact size and is made with good quality metals. It weighs in at just five pounds, so it is easy to carry around and utilize.

All things considered, it looks like the Shakespear alternative is well-worth the hype, as some consumers have reported that it has the same performance of high-end, expensive units that are similar. The only minor complaint we have come across is not related to the reel per se but the line that comes with it. It appears that several users have found that the line is just too easy to snap. Fortunately, even these individuals claim that they have managed to get their catch before stumbling upon any issue with the line.

Other reviews recommend it to use with a 4-ft pole.



To sum up, the Shakespear SYMCX Synergy Titanium Microcast might be worth having a look at if you haven’t made up your mind on a spincasting reel just yet. Don’t forget to correlate your needs and requirements to the features you’re looking for in a reel, as is this is the core rule of buying the right product every time.


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