Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Spin Combo Review

Last Updated: 09.08.20


Everything you need to start catching bass and other medium size fish is included in the convenient kit.

The 6 foot rod is designed to be lightweight and durable, and comes with ceramic guides that even professional anglers will find useful.

You will appreciate the reel’s smooth performance capabilities, especially when you are bringing in bass.

This rod and reel combo is designed to be comfortable and easy to use, whether you are a beginner or experienced angler.

Not only are you ready to start fishing for bass right out of the box, this rod and reel combo also comes at a surprisingly affordable price.



Some consumers have mentioned that the reel can be little “jerky”, but it should be noted that this kit is designed for beginners and might not be able to provide the same performance as some higher priced gear.

While the rod is durable, it is only rated as “medium duty” and might not be strong enough for large bass over 10 lbs. 

1.Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass

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A generous kit to consider

With everything you need included in this kit, it’s easy to see why this is often considered the best rod and reel combo for bass fishing. The rod and spinning reel are easy to assemble, and feature a durable construction that is designed to last through years of successful fishing trips. The Powerbait worms and lizards are designed to attract bass and this kit also includes spin beetles, along with crank bait. Simply put the pole together and choose your bait, and you are ready to start casting for bass with this convenient combo.


2-piece fiberglass rod

One of the reasons this kit is a popular choice with bass fishermen, is the sturdy 6 foot fiberglass rod. It can be easily broken down into two pieces for convenient storage, and its 6 inch width ensures that it fits comfortably in your hand. The rod also comes with a split grip that is padded for added comfort, and the non slip design prevents it from slipping out of wet hands. The stainless steel guides are resistant to rust and corrosion, and you will also appreciate the rod’s flexible design when you are reeling in heavy 10 lb bass.

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Lightweight and powerful spinning reel

Along with the 6′ rod, this combo also includes a spinning reel that is capable of providing the power and performance you need to catch and retrieve bass and other medium size fish. The size 35 spinning reel comes already wound with 8 lb line, so you can immediately start casting right out of the box. The reel is designed to be lightweight and well balanced, which helps to produce smooth and accurate casts. The aluminum spool won’t add any unnecessary weight, and is designed to smoothly release and retrieve the line without any jerks or stops.


User-friendly combo

Shakespeare has designed this rod and reel combo to be easy and convenient to use, even for first time anglers. The two piece rod simply snaps together, and the reel can be easily attached without any problems. Since the spool comes with 8 lb line it is ready to go, and the included rigging guide is a handy reference for beginners and experienced bass fishermen. The split grip on the rod is designed specifically for bass fishing, and you will appreciate the comfortable padding when you are fighting to reel your catch in.

2.Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass


Priced to fit any angler’s budget

Not only is everything you need to immediately start fishing included in this convenient kit, Shakespeare has also priced it to fit almost any angler’s budget. The sturdy and flexible rod and smooth action reel are ideal for beginners and even experienced anglers, and the 6′ foot pole is the perfect size for children and adults. With the included line and lures designed to entice bass to bite, it is easy to see why this kit is a popular choice with anglers at all skill levels.



Shakespeare’s “Catch More Fish Bass Spin Combo” includes everything an angler needs to have a successful trip. The two piece rod is sturdy enough to support the weight of heavier fish without breaking, and its lightweight and well balanced design is comfortable to handle. It is also designed with a split grip for added comfort, and the spinning reel will provide you with a smooth and reliable performance. The included rigging guide is a convenient extra for novices and experienced anglers and with line and lures provided there is no reason for you to wait to catch your first fish.


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