SAS Rage Hunting Bow Review

Last Updated: 03.07.20


This model is expertly engineered to be quite effortless to draw and aim even when used by first-time archers.

The bow is capable of generating ample power to take down both small and medium targets in a humane way.

This compound bow has the distinctive advantage of having an adjustable draw weight to suit a variety of archers with different shooting skills.

This compound bow offers a consistently dependable performance.

The bow comes with superb-quality components to provide the perfect balance of strength and weight.



The manufacturer of this bow is not exactly a well-known brand compared to the more-established companies but the bow offers a performance parallel to what the products from well-known makers deliver.

When you have to sight your target for extended periods, the hefty 4.4-pound bow can take a toll on your capability to view your target. 


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Provides effortless drawing and aiming

The bow takes only 70 pounds of force to pull the string at full draw. This occurs before the bow’s twin cam idlers get engaged. At the release of the bowstring, the arrow is propelled at an astonishing yet manageable velocity of about 270 feet per second, flying fast and true to the point on the target.

Although there are more expensive bows that are built to be quieter, this compound bow is not very loud either. The vibration from the string can be handled easily with a quality dampening device, which also facilitates the lining up of a succeeding shot for greater accuracy as well.

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Adequate power for small to medium prey

Thanks to the bow’s top draw rate of 70 pounds, the weapon is able to produce sufficient power to subdue small game or just to be used for basic target practice. The maximum projectile velocity of 270 feet per second is only highly useful for hunters who have the capability to work with 70-pound draws one shot after another.

To ensure maximum penetration through skin and bone for a swift and clean kill, you will have to be able to support that much power repeatedly.


Customizable draw weight

This compound bow comes with an adjustable draw weight so every archer can use the weapon to their best advantage. The dual eccentric cams enable you to control the draw at a comfortable weight by simply moving the pin up or down a notch.

The adjustment of the draw weight can be done in convenient and easily manageable 5-pound increments up to a maximum of 70 pounds to deliver ample power for a humane kill.


Delivers consistent performance

Your ability to aim and strike on target will be largely influenced by the bow’s performance. Despite the SAS Rage being geared for novice archers, it can still deliver a consistent and seamless performance.

Its aluminum cam system supports a smooth draw that leads to more accurate shooting. Although a bit heavier than other models in its class, this compound bow boasts a rigid construction that enables it to breeze through many hours of misfires during target practice. Inexpensive yet durable fiberglass is used in the manufacture of the limbs.

The sleek and parallel yet stylish design makes the bow easy to control and manage in the field without sacrificing on great looks.

Made of superior-quality components

The dual aluminum cams offer effortless draw length adjustment. The aluminum riser enables easy placement at rest of the bow and is also equipped with nice cutouts that deliver a slightly ‘waffled’ look as well as an aerodynamic design.

The limbs and riser carry a camouflage design that supports the need for stealth in hunting.



Beginner hunting bows do not have to cost an arm and a leg. This model answers the need for a perfect balance of performance and cost in a simplistic bow design. This model takes the abuse that beginners can subject it to while being a delight for more seasoned archers to use.

It comes with a tough composite construction of plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum, all layered to deliver the support that novice archers need on hefty 70-pound draws. This model delivers as designed every time.


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