Rhino Fishing ZR33 Spincast Combo Review


Often considered the best rod and reel combo for bass fishing, it also comes at a price that will fit most angler’s budgets.

The 6 foot rod has been redesigned to enhance strength, and to make it more comfortable to handle when you are reeling in heavy largemouth bass.

You will appreciate the smooth performance capabilities of the Zebco Spincast reel.

This combo from Rhino Fishing lives up to the manufacturer’s reputation of producing tough, high quality gear that is also easy and convenient to use.

Ideal for bass and other medium size fish, this rod and reel combo is the perfect choice for beginners or experienced anglers who want to add to their gear.



It should be noted that this is a medium duty rod, and it might not be strong enough to support the weight of fish weighing over 10 pounds.

Some consumers have mentioned that the pickup pins on the reel can break on occasion, and while this is frustrating the parts can be repaired with a call to Rhino Fishing’s customer service department. 2.Rhino Fishing ZR33

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A budget-friendly combo

Rhino Fishing is well known for its durable and dependable gear, and now it is available at an extremely affordable price. This combo is designed for bass fishing and is capable of providing you with the same performance you would get if you purchased the rod and reel separately. The relatively low cost of the set makes it possible for almost anyone to experience the fun of bass fishing, without using inferior gear.


Innovative rod design

One of the first aspects you’ll notice is the rod’s new design. It is still constructed from sturdy fiberglass that is lightweight and flexible, but now it comes with a redesigned grip that will provide additional strength when you are wrestling with a largemouth bass. The grip also fits comfortably in your hand, and you will appreciate its non slip design. The 6 foot rod can also be broken down into two pieces for convenient storage and easy portability. Rated for medium action, you can easily pull in small and largemouth bass with this sturdy fishing rod.

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Perfectly balanced spincast reel

Not only is the rod designed for strength and performance, but you also have the advantage of the Zebco 33 spincast reel. The reel comes with four specially designed ball bearings that help to ensure a smooth cast and retrieval, without any jerky motions that might startle a biting fish. The 3:1 gear ratio provides you with the power you need to reel in a fighting fish, without sacrificing any speed. The handle can also be placed on the left or right so it is comfortable for everyone to use.


Flexibility and sturdiness

Gear made by Rhino Fishing is known for its durability, and this combo is no exception. The 6 foot rod is constructed from durable E-glass to produce a pole that is sturdy and still flexible. The Zebco reel is designed to provide a consistently smooth performance, which is always important when you are trying to successful bring your catch in. With the comfortable grip on the rod that is also designed to provide added strength, it’s not hard to see why this bass fishing combo is a popular choice with beginners and experienced anglers.

1.Rhino Fishing ZR33


Ready to use right out of the box

Since the sturdy spool comes with 100 yards of durable 10 pound line you can start fishing for bass right out of the box. This also makes it a great choice for first time anglers. Experienced bass fishermen will appreciate not having to take the time to wrap their own line, and it is strong enough to handle small and largemouth bass. The crank can be placed for right or left handed retrieval making the combo comfortable and convenient for anyone to use. The sturdy rod is also lightweight and well balanced, so even younger children can easily handle it on their first fishing trip.



There is very little not to like about this rod and reel combo from Rhino Fishing. It lives up to the company’s reputation of producing durable and high quality fishing gear at an affordable price. The 6 foot rod has been redesigned for improved strength and added comfort, which is always an advantage when you are fighting with a powerful bass. The Zebco spincast reel is designed to give you a reliable performance, and the four ball bearings ensure that every cast and retrieval is smooth and powerful. For added performance, experts recommend greasing the reel before taking it out on the water.


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