Redington Palix River Fly Fishing Wading Boot Review

Last Updated: 29.02.20

Comfort and performance mix in this pair of wading shoes that are designed to offer you everything you need in fishing footwear.

The Redington Palix River Wading dries really fast, helping you feel really comfortable while fishing.

You can take these fishing shoes on rocky terrain, as they are designed to be durable, due to their rand and toe caps made of rubber.

Ankle support is outstanding for these fishing boots, as extra padding is offered in areas that are more likely to suffer when you walk for a long time.

Reviewers advise that ordering a larger size, as it is usually recommended for fishing waders, can bring you a model that is way too large, even when wearing booties or thick socks.

Also, the boots seem to be quite wide, so you may have to add a bit more extra on the inside, so that your feet do not move around too much, as pointed out by one reviewer.

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Lightweight and comfortable

When you go shopping for a pair of wading shoes, you must keep a few considerations into account. Two of the most important are comfort and performance. The great news is that this combination is offered by these boots at a competitive price, so you will not regret ordering them. The best part about these boots is that they are very sturdy, without being cumbersome, as is the case with other models. Actually, these fishing boots are very lightweight and highly comfortable, so you can take them on long days spent fishing without experiencing any issues.

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Can repel moisture and dry up fast

An important aspect that fishing shoes must comply with is the ability to repel moisture and dry fast. Being an angler means that you will be spending quite a bit of time with your feet in the water or walking on surfaces that are humid. These boots manage to dry really fast so they are your best companion when fishing; your feet will not get wet, but they will be kept warm and comfortable, so you can enjoy the best comfort possible.


Corrosion-resistant metal hardware

Resistance to abrasion is an important thing to keep in mind when you are selecting fishing waders for your fishing trips. This model has the rand and toe cap made of rubber, so the boots will not wear off, and will be kept in top notch condition for many fishing trips. It is worth mentioning that the metal hardware is resistant to rust, so, all in all, you will get to enjoy these fishing footwear for a long time.

2.Redington Palix River Wading Boot Sticky Rubber


Can protect your feet from water

Ankle support is important for the health of your legs and feet and the Redington Palix River Wading does not disappoint. The extra padding around the ankle ensures proper support and the neoprene makes sure that no water will get inside and wet your feet.



The Redington Palix River Wading offers everything you need in a pair of wading shoes. Excellent comfort, extra durability, and abrasion resistance make these boots a fine choice for any angler out there.


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