Ready 2 Fish Bass Spin Combo Review

Last Updated: 27.05.20

The Ready 2 Fish Bass Spin Combo with Kit lets you enjoy bass fishing anywhere without the fear of breaking the tip of the rod or losing any one of your tackles.

1.Ready 2 Fish Bass


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Designed to make fishing fun, affordable and and effortless for weekend anglers and families, the Ready 2 Fish Bass Spin Combo with Kit comes with all the items needed to get you started fishing today. The product comes with fully illustrated rigging guides that give the beginner comprehensive and easy-to-understand instructions to help them optimize the best rod and reel combo for bass fishing. The combo flag contains the instruction guides, which include how-to tips, the rigging guides and instructions. The consumer can also access and download the guides from the website using a tablet, desktop or any portable device.

The reusable tackle kit has a side handle that makes the system easy to carry around with you. The storage system makes fishing from the bank easy and enjoyable while keeping all your fishing lures organized and easy to retrieve from the different compartments. Everything is nicely and neatly kept inside. The tackle kit already comes with lures or baits including: pumpkin purple/red 4-inch soft plastic or rubber grubs; chartreuse/silver glitter 4-inch soft plastic or rubber grubs; blue/silver glitter 6-inch soft plastic or rubber worms; pumpkin/gold glitter 6-inch soft plastic or rubber lizards; round 1 ¼ oz jighead; ⅜ oz spinnerbait; 2/0 nickel worm hooks; 3/16 oz non-lead worm sinkers.

Undoubtedly, every piece of tackle in the storage system has been handpicked by experienced anglers and matched to the specific application and the specie, in this case, bass fishing and bass.

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The Rod

Each and every detail of the rod has been carefully thought out and expertly engineered from the split grip design to its high-tech finish and superb color coding system.

The medium spin rod measures 6 feet 6 inches and is in a two-piece configuration for hassle-free portability while ensuring effortless setup. The handle part has been virtually eliminated to provide full contact between the rod and the angler’s hand for easy control of the reel. The split-grip design also results in a lighter and more sensitive rod since some grip material has been cut away. The design enables the angler to grip the rod using one finger placed in front of the foregrip, which connects the finger directly with the blank and the line, so the tiniest tick radiates quickly down the rod and hits the finger.

Providing that perfect balance between the reel and rod, the split grip design of the rod also offers that optimum contact with the rod blank right through the open handle space.


The fiberglass rod blank is easily more durable than either graphite or bamboo, making the rod and reel combo a great travel unit. It enables you to walk confidently on rough ground or even bushwhacking along the bank without worrying about breaking any expensive or delicate rod. The fiberglass rod blank is perfect if you tend to be clumsy.

This is a lightweight fiberglass rod with medium action to let the angler feel the load, perfect for beginners. The medium action of the blank means it flexes in the middle when fully loaded then springs back to the ‘at rest’ state once the load is eliminated. This enhances the technique of beginners or novice anglers as well as children.

The fiberglass material is designed to accommodate the rod’s short length under 8 feet. This is also a contributory factor to the product’s awesome affordability.

The ceramic guides in the fiberglass rod blank are perfect for use with the new super or braided lines on the market. Ceramic guides are proven to be the most resilient against wear. Where plastic guides are of the lowest quality, ceramic ones are the best. They deliver smoother operations while reducing line fray. The guides are inarguably one of the most essential elements of the rod.


The Reel

The reel is pre-spooled with monofilament line, a single strand of material that has a flexible quality, making it easy to handle in any fishing application. The flexibility, frequently taken as limpness, makes the material easy to manage and cast compared to a stiff line. Monofilament lines also give more stretch as opposed to super lines and fluorocarbon ones. This gives them an unparalleled forgiveness level. When it stretches under pressure, a monofilament line also keep the mouth of the fish from tearing, which facilitates problem-free unbuttoning of the catch.

2.Ready 2 Fish Bass

The monofilament line also exhibits exceptional shock strength, which is the ability of the fishing line to absorb energy when the fish thrashes violently against the side of your boat. It also withstands the unexpected impact of a tough hookset.The relatively inexpensive monofilament line will be easy to work into knots, allowing you to create a range of easy yet strong knots without compensating on line strength. Combining stretch, manageability, effortless tying of knots and other fishing-related features, the monofilament line offers ease of use for first-time anglers who want simplified presentations, and also works well for experienced anglers who want to use the line for particular techniques.

The ball bearing spinning reel, in size 30, is built with high quality that ensures smooth cranking. The single-grip crank offers ergonomic handling and easy control .


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