Raymarine Dragonfly Fishfinder review

Last Updated: 20.05.19
This is most definitely the best fishfinder from Raymarine due to how it includes two discrete CHIRP sonar channels.

The device offers seriously advanced technology for everyone.

This device offers GPS technology, as well.

The transom mount transducer comes with the necessary components for problem-free installation.

The device comes with many advanced features.

According to one of the Raymarine Dragonfly fishfinder reviews, the mount is a bit awkwardly solid, outdated and heavy, but is extremely firm.

No manual comes in the package, which means one has to go online to get it. This can prove inconvenient when you’re out in the water.

The Navionics Gold card can be used only when you are fishing in major bodies of waters in certain states.

13.1 Raymarine Dragonfly


Our Review

The Raymarine Dragonfly features the best fishfinder sonar GPS. The discrete dual-channel CHIRP works unlike any conventional imaging sonar, which only transmits a single frequency with each pulse, but the Dragonfly lets you view each sonar channel independently. You can also switch to dual sonar split screen mode and optimize the best in underwater intelligence. The first channel is characterized by an ultra-high resolution DownVision capability, while the other is a high-resolution sonar channel designed for fish targeting. The use of CHIRP technology enables the device to transmit across a broad spectrum of sonar frequencies with every pulse, resulting in a higher resolution and lifelike images.

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This device is outfitted with advanced technology for the weekend bass angler or even the professional guide. It has the Easy Screen Switcher for the sonar functionality. The fishfinder also features automatic sonar optimization, eliminating the need to frequently adjust settings. The device offers simple three-button control. It also comes with a uni-controller via the joystick cursor and the rotary dial. The device has a micro-SD chart and a memory reader.

13.2 Raymarine Dragonfly

The Raymarine Dragonfly is a reliable fishfinder with internal GPS. Simply dial through the sonar and the GPS displays to enter the various menus available. The 50-channel internal GPS comes with fast-acquisition technology that enables you to navigate with confidence.

The Raymarine Dragonfly ships with a transom mount transducer, a power cable and a quick-release swivel bracket. This allows you to mount the unit onto the water craft, and then take it off again for storage or placement on another boat. This device is perfect for constantly on-the-go anglers.

The true two-channel transducer shows dramatically lifelike images, along with underwater structures. The transducer utilizes both traditional and the exclusive Raymarine DownVision sonar. Geared with fast-acquisition technology, the 5-channel GPS provides you with confidence to navigate through the waters of your location. The 5.7-inch diagonal LED backlit display provides optimal visibility in the sunlight.



With its LED backlit, easy-to-view display, the built-in sonar GPS and the onboard dual-channel CHIRP technology, the Raymarine Dragonfly offers the ultimate in fishfinder systems. The true two-channel transducer reveals fish as well as underwater structures so you will know the difference. Get added navigation confidence with the internal GPS. The transom mount kit comes with a quick-release swivel bracket for problem-free on and off.


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