Quantum Fishing Fire 30 Spinning Reel Review

Last Updated: 25.01.20
Featuring a durable construction and stylish design, it is easy to see why this is considered the best bass fishing reel.

The sturdy metal construction ensures that this reel is designed to last, and you will also appreciate its corrosion resistant properties.

You can enjoy smooth casts and retrievals with the reel’s ball bearing system.

The collapsible handle makes storage a breeze, and it also comes with a comfortable design that is easy to hold on to.

With the advantage of the multi-disc drag system and anti-reverse bearing you never have to worry about losing a fish due to slack in the line.

While this reel is often rated for use with 10 pound line, some consumers have found that it can tangle and recommend choosing a lighter test line.

It should be noted that this spinning reel only comes with one spool, and while this does help keep prices low it might not be ideal for all fishing scenarios.

1.Quantum Fishing Fire 30 10-Bearing Spinning Reel


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A lightweight spinning reel designed to last for years and years

While you want the reel that you choose to be durable enough to handle strong bass, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on appearance. This lightweight spinning reel is ideal for fishing in lakes and streams, and comes with an eye catching appearance that will please almost any angler. The sleek metal body is designed for strength, and the red and black accents give the reel a professional appeal. Designed to be easy and comfortable to use, this spinning reel is a great choice for novice and experienced fishermen.

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Durable construction

One of the advantages of this bass spinning reel is its durable construction. The body of the reel is constructed from a lightweight composite material that is resistant to corrosion, and won’t interfere with the balanced feel of your rod. The metal spool is also protected from damaging rust that can slow its performance, and you have the additional benefit of the carbon fiber insert which gives the spool added strength. While this spinning reel does not come with a back up spool, the sturdy construction of the one included ensures that this won’t be an issue.

2.Quantum Fishing Fire 30 10-Bearing Spinning Reel


Ten ball bearings

Most experts recommend choosing a spinning reel with multiple ball bearings to ensure a smooth and reliable performance, and this model from Quantum Fishing comes with a 10 BB system. The ball bearings ensure that your line flows smoothly on casts and retrievals so you can concentrate on bringing the fish in. The metal BBs also help provide additional support and stability, which is important when you are fighting stronger fish like bass. The metal bearings are also resistant to wear and tear so you can enjoy a long lasting, smooth performance.


Collapsible handle

If you are like other anglers chances are you have a lot of gear, and storage can occasionally be a problem. With this bass spinning reel not only do you have the advantage of the sleek, streamline design, but the handle also fully collapses for convenient storage. When the handle is extended it is comfortable to hold on to, and it is also designed not to slip easily out of wet hands. The rubber grip also allows you to grab the handle tightly, which is always an advantage when you a fighting a powerful fish.


Smooth drag system

Along with 9 ball bearings, this spinning reel also comes with an anti-reverse BB that works continuously to keep your line taut. This not only helps prevent your line from drifting and possible getting tangled, it also makes it easier for you to securely set your hook. The reel also features a smooth multiple stack drag system that provides the power you need to successfully fight strong bass. While this does mean that some speed is sacrificed, it is still fast enough to keep up with bass and other types of freshwater fish.

3.Quantum Fishing Fire 30 10-Bearing Spinning Reel


Whether you are a first time bass fishermen or an experienced pro, this spinning reel might be exactly what you are looking for. Its sleek and lightweight construction fits easily on most rods, and the reel won’t add unnecessary weight that can throw your casts off balance. The 10 bearing system ensures that every cast and retrieval is smooth and efficient, so you can save your energy for reeling in a fish. You will also appreciate how comfortable the reel is to use, and since the handle is reversible it is a great choice for left and right hand anglers.


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