Polar Fire Blue Ice Combo Review

Easily the best surf rod and reel combo, the Polar Fire Blue Ice Combo is designed for serious ice anglers who want a high-performance system. Made of high quality materials, the rod and reel combo is perfect for surf and ice fishing.




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The product is made of premium tapered graphite composite material. Graphite proves to be great for any type of fishing that requires the angler to ‘feel’ what is happening to the lure, whether it’s getting a bite or not. The graphite material is designed to transmit the slightest and tiniest bite from the tip to the handle to the hands of the angler, helping them prepare for a fight from the caught fish. Graphite has a high sensitivity rating that lets you know what is happening to the bait even if it’s a number of inches away into the water. The rod and reel combo is expertly engineered by really serious anglers for use by truly serious anglers.

The graphite rod is highly delicate, which is a big advantage in plenty of situations. However, the extreme sensitivity can prove to be a downside as well. Competitive anglers complain how graphite can sometimes make you jump the gun and react much too quickly, pre-empting the bite and scaring the fish away before it is even hooked.

The rod and reel combo is also equipped with tapered graphite composite blanks. This ensures the extreme sensitivity of the entire rod. The graphite composite material provides the rod with more than enough light weight to make handling and control easy, making it match the specific activity you plan to use the rod and reel combo for.

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Characteristics of the rod

The main part of the Polar Fire Blue Ice rod is the rod blank. The rod guides and the reel seats are configured onto the rod blank to equip the rod for fishing. This component is made lightweight and supports the action it is exactly built for. The blank is also designed to bust sneaky nibblers in the water.

The cork handle makes the rod lighter compared to foam-constructed ones. It is able to maintain residual heat from the angler’s hands, which proves to be highly desirable when fishing in cooler temperatures. This makes the handle warmer to the touch on a particularly cold day. The cork handle also boasts considerably reduced damping compared to EVA foam ones, making it capable of transmitting vibrations to a higher level. This makes the handle roughly thrice more sensitive as well.

The cork handle is also less slippery when wet, enabling the user to maintain a firm and secure grip so the rod doesn’t get dragged away when the fish decides to put up a huge fight to avoid getting landed. The cork handle also doesn’t compress as easily as foam handles, especially under load. This makes the rod perfect for use with items that need plenty of feel and sensitivity in their construction, including soft bait, fly and spinning rods. Most high quality fly rods feature cork handles. The rod handle offers easy holding in the hand, ensuring stiffness with extreme sensitivity.

Do bear in mind that cork handles should be wiped down after each fishing expedition using warm soapy water and a rag, to ensure the rod stays in tiptop shape.

The rod boasts high modulus rating, which endows it with light weight, faster response and awesome solidity in its construction.



Characteristics of the reel

The smooth aluminum spool is outfitted with a six-bearing design that offers high quality factory sealing and tight tolerances to perform smoothly and for longer. It holds a large amount of line. Unlike graphite spools that can break or crack under load and heavy torque, the aluminum spool provides excellent strength and durability.

The anti-reverse mechanism helps maintain stability, eliminating play in the reel handle so it doesn’t turn backwards when line is pulled from the reel. This ensures a positive and solid hook-set minus the kickback, which can result in lost fish when the hook is driven. The handle knob is shaped ergonomically and has a soft grip for tactile control and effortless handling.

The Polar Fire Blue Ice Combo is available in 27-inch Medium Low and 29-inch Medium High action. The Action rating denotes the amount of time for the blank to become straight again after being in the fully loaded or bowed position. The medium action means the rod starts in the middle. Because of the medium to medium fast action, you can enjoy a bit more distance in casting while still being assured or enough hook setting power. This type of action level is suited for applications that use treble hooks, including topwater baits and crankbaits and reaction lures such as spinnerbaits.


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