Plusinno TM Spin Spinning Rod and Reel Combo Review

Last Updated: 30.05.20

Nowadays, it is pretty difficult to find and buy the best spinning rod and reel combo. The market is filled with countless good-quality products, so which one should you pick? We’ve decided to take the hassle out of any prospective buyer’s research, and put together one of the most in-depth reviews of the Plusinno spinning rod and reel combo. Getting a combo is a good idea if you’re feeling unsure about which rod or reel you should pick separately, as such a pack contains two units that fit perfectly.

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One important consideration when it comes to picking the right rod and reel combo is the material they are both made of. In the case of the Plusinno variety, the development has been perfected using carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass. This combination has been proven to be highly strong and durable. The telescoping fishing rod pole features graphite construction.

As is the case with other products in the same line, this one has several small parts made with high-quality plastic. For example, the reel features a high tensile strength plastic body. The guide inserts on the rod are made with aluminum oxide. The reel seats have been constructed using stainless steel, which largely contributes to their durability, both in seawater and in fresh water, leaving them looking bright even when rust is threatening them.

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Characteristics of the rod

As previously mentioned, the rod is made with a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass, leaving it both durable and strong. This material is definitely advantageous, as it is practically incapable of rusting or corroding. Thus, the rod can be used with great results both in freshwater and saltwater. This variety is a great alternative for buyers who are looking into acquiring into a good, elastic and strong heavy capacity rod.

The end of the pole features a convenient grip, as emphasized by the countless positive reviews it has gathered in this sense. The handle on the rod features a compartment which can be used for storing weights and small lures.


The pack includes a soft sleeve which can be utilized when storing the fully retractable rod. It goes without saying that this type of protection further contributes to the durability of the rod.

According to multiple consumer ratings, the rod can be extended easily and folded in as quickly as possible. One of the main advantages of purchasing and using this variety is that it’s remarkably lightweight and easy to carry around, making it the top choice for people who want to take it camping. For example, keeping the rod in the truck doesn’t affect its durability but allows buyers to utilize it whenever a fishing spot shows up.


Characteristics of the reel

The reel model is HA3000, which is one of the newly designed varieties out there on the market. The gear ratio is 5:2:1. Just like other reels we have analyzed, this one features an anti-reverse handle, which definitely gives a helping hand to users struggling with a solid hook sinking. Nothing beats a solid hook sinking when the fish strikes.

A unique feature of the reel consists of the computer balanced rotor, which means that users can finally give up looking for the number of bearings in a reel. It’s common knowledge that too few bearings are the cause of a jerky reel. The HA3000 could never be jerky. In fact, it is remarkably precise. Furthermore, it features an S-curve oscillation system.

2.Plusinno TM Spin

Two other major details of this variety include the aluminum spool with double color and one line holes and the thick coiled bail spring. The handle is interchangeable to the right and to the left.

The reel comes packed in a cardboard box which measures 130mm by 130mm by 85mm.

According to some of the reviews we have gone through, consumers are most impressed when it comes to this combo. It seems that the reel fits perfectly onto the rod. The reel is easy to turn and glides smoothly, as pointed out by a first-time user.

The pack does not include a fishing rod holder.



To sum up, this combo is definitely worth having a look at, as it can be purchased for a very reasonable price and is the right alternative for people looking for a telescopic fishing rod. While some online marketplaces sell it for over fifty dollars, Amazon customers can greatly benefit from the retailer’s sale discounts and often get it at a much fairer cost.


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11 months ago

I recently purchased this rig. So far, other than lubing the reel since it was a little dry for my liking, no complaints whatsoever about the combo.