Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod Review

Voted by the vast majority of its buyers to be the best telescopic fishing rod that can be bought at its price, the Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod is manufactured by a company that has a clear vision of bringing the creative life to more people, especially anglers. The Plusinno development team derives ideas and seeks inspiration from life to come up with products that are not just easier to use but also smarter to own. By providing consumers with awesome customer service, the company also seeks to develop more items that any avid angler will gladly showcase in their gear collection.

1.Plusinno® Telescopic Fishing Rod


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Hassle-free portability

The retractable fishing rod offers hassle-free portability, with a special closed-length design that enables convenient carrying in a travel case or suitcase, so you can bring your sport with you anywhere.

The rod is constructed using carbon fibre combined with fiberglass, ensuring that it is strong and durable and able to withstand the demands of fishing in various conditions. Made with high density and reliable flexibility, the fishing pole comprises sections that lock into place. Once the segments are locked into place, everything holds securely and can be quite easy to reset.

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A top choice for serious saltwater fishing

Perfect for saltwater fishing, the rod has stainless steel hooded reel seats that ensure reliable resistance to corrosion, a dominant issue considering the conditions you will be fishing in. The reel seats ensure secure attachment of a reel, for wobble- and jiggle-free capture of the fish.

The blank boasts graphite construction, which offers greater feel or sensitivity to the angler. Recognized for being extremely delicate and sensitive, graphite poles let you feel even the tiniest nibbles on the bait that fish do at the end of the line, transmitting the vibrations to your hand so you can begin to set the hook for landing the fish.

2.Plusinno® Telescopic Fishing Rod


EVA foam grip

The fore grip is made of EVA foam, which is more durable and less expensive than cork. Compared to cork, EVA foam has greater longevity. It is also much easier to clean off accumulated protein, fish oil and slime from EVA foam grips using only detergent. Abuse of handling can cause cork handles to dent or chip easily. This is easily an issue when the rod has to be placed in a beach spike or rod holder for extended times. With EVA handles, the rod can hold its own when fishing under tough conditions. The EVA grip also ensures comfortable handling and control.


The right amount of flexibility

The fishing rod delivers medium or moderate action, bending over the last half of the unit or at about the middle. This superb flex is great for long distance casting and hurling of small lures or flinging live bait without having to throw them off the hook. The medium action also delivers sufficient hook setting capability. This proves to be ideal for the use of treble hooks, top water lures and crankbaits along with other reaction baits including spinnerbaits. The extended handle provides more area of leverage on the rod to facilitate control.


Easy to store and transport

The aluminum oxide guide inserts ensure light weight and resistance to corrosion from the saltwater. The strong and durable fishing pole accommodates lure weights from 20 to 40 grams. It is perfect for boat fishing and sea fishing, as well as other activities. Available in several lengths, the rod can be bought in 1.8 meters, 2.1 meters, 2.4 meters. 2.7 meters, 3 meters and 3.3 meters. It collapses into a single 20-inch unit for problem-free portability and storage. The black cloth bag that ships in the package facilitates carrying.

Striking the ultimate balance in quality, affordability and functionality, the fishing pole is a fishing implement anyone would love to take along on many fishing adventures.



Dependable craftmanship

The retractable rod does not come with a reel, but the reel seat enables easy pairing with standard reels on the market, including Plusinno reels.

The flex is perfect and the triangular foregrip is a delight to hold in the hand. Some users consider the pole a great tool for fishing in tight places and for bringing along when you have to hike to your fishing spot.This is a solid-feeling fishing rod of high quality and dependable craftsmanship.

The Plusinno® Telescopic Fishing Rod tip protective cap keeps the tip of the rod shielded from damage during transport. The pole extends to its full length in seconds. It offers great balance and flexibility, which will make you want to always have it in your backpack for those unplanned fishing trips when not having a fishing pole means you could miss out on making the day’s biggest catch. This fishing implement should be in any gear collection along with standard fishing equipment.


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