Piscifun Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod Review

Last Updated: 19.06.19

Convenience is very important when it comes to selecting a fishing rod for passionate anglers. Especially if you are not fond of carrying around a long rod when going on fishing trips, the Piscifun Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod is a very convenient choice, because it is retractable, it takes up very little room in the trunk of your car and it is easy to carry around while you are looking for the ideal fishing spot. Great for freshwater fishing, this is a good choice for a large variety of fish. Considered the best bass fishing rod for the price by many anglers who have already tested it, the model presented here is recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite activity while on vacation.

1.Piscifun Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod Lightweight


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The quality of the materials used in making the Piscifun Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod is really outstanding and it must be put on top of a list with reasons why this model is so popular right now. Scoring high in anglers’ preferences, it looks like this fishing rod is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to fish in freshwater.

Made of carbon fiber, this bass fishing rod is very lightweight and easy to use. Carbon fiber is not only for beginners, though. Seasoned anglers prefer it when they are fishing in deep waters, or they need good coverage, as well as increased sensitivity and speed. If you thought that the Piscifun Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod is only for beginners, think again, as this is a great choice for anyone with a taste for fresh water fishing.

It must be mentioned that carbon fiber is about 40% lighter compared to any other material used for fishing rods, including graphite. This means that carbon fiber really has great sensitivity and it can transfer the vibrations from the fish biting to your hand, so you can have really fast reflexes and quickly pull the fish out of the water.

Other components of the fishing rod are important, as well, and the quality of materials plays a major part in the overall quality of the model. The guides are made of stainless steel and ceramic, which maintain the entire weight of the fishing rod to a minimum. These materials are sturdy and durable and they do not break with ease, which means that if you properly care for your fishing rod, you will not have to replace it anytime soon.

The EVA grip employed on the handle makes the fishing rod presented here a convenient choice. Especially less experienced anglers do not like risking having the fishing rod slipping from their hands, and a good grip is essential to prove the overall great quality of the product.

2.Piscifun Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod Lightweight



If you are the type of angler who prefer ‘feeling’ the fish as soon as it bites, the Piscifun Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod is the type of fishing gear you should have in the trunk of your vehicle when you go on fishing adventures. The durable blank construction contributes to the good reputation of this fishing rod and you will find it really reliable. Its medium power and fast action, doubled by superior sensitivity are important when you fish in freshwater. Even skittish fish can be overpowered, if you are using a good quality fishing rod like this one.

A characteristic of this fishing rod that must be emphasized is its increased portability. Not all anglers can easily deal with a long fishing rod that always seems to get in the way. Because it is telescopic, this model is easy to store inside a car and you can also carry it around without worrying that it might get entangled in the branches of a tree and break, ruining your vacation.

Because it is made of high grade materials, this model is very sturdy and reliable. You will notice that quality is the keyword much loved by the manufacturer of this bass fishing rod. The grip is comfortable and offers great anti-slip resistance and you will just feel the handle in your hand matching like a glove.

3.Piscifun Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod Lightweight

Any kind of freshwater fish you want to catch, this fishing rod will surely bring it closer to you. Another great piece of news is that you can use with all kinds of lures and sharp hooks so you can maximize your chances of catching all the fish you want. This telescopic bass fishing rod is the weapon of choice for many novice and seasoned anglers who loves fishing in freshwater.



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