Piscifun 2 Sections Ultralight Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Review

Last Updated: 20.05.19

Lightweight at just 3.51 ounces, the Piscifun 2 Sections Ultralight Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Black makes ice angling memorable every time. This fishing rod is under 6 feet long and serves great for saltwater use. Sensitive yet strong, the ice fishing rod is sure to serve its purpose for many fishing seasons to come.

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Flexible design

Made of carbon fibre or graphite, the Piscifun 2 Sections Ultralight Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Black is truly the best ice fishing rod thanks to its lightweight quality and higher sensitivity compared to fiberglass rods. The rod has a flexible design that easily transmits the vibrations from the nibbles the fish does on the hook to be felt through the angler’s hand.

For nearly every fishing situation, many anglers and manufacturers prefer carbon fibre rods.

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Stainless steel guides

The ice fishing rod is equipped with lightweight stainless steel guides that are of high quality, providing a low profile while enhancing the lightweight design. The stainless steel guides do not exhibit high abrasion against the line, reducing the likelihood of the line breaking especially when the fish puts up a fierce fight prior to getting landed. The line guides are solidly built. They ensure high heat dissi[ation to prevent friction from causing the line to break during the battle with the fish.

The graphite rod blank at the core of the rod renders the entire unit lightweight. It offers reliable sensitivity so the angler can feel even the smallest tentative bites the fish makes on the hook, enabling the fisher to start hook setting when needed.



Secure grip

To ensure a secure grip, the handle of the rod is outfitted with EVA foam. Unlike cork grips of low quality that crack easily, the ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) foam handle of this fishing pole has greater durability and longevity while being less expensive. Keeping the handle clean is also easy using just detergent to scrub off fish oil, protein and slime that can accumulate there. The EVA foam is ideal for use with baits. It also enables placement of the rod on a rod holder or spike for long periods at a time without getting dented or without chipping.


Excellent performance and versatility

Providing durable performance under the toughest conditions, this ice fishing rod is available in two weight categories and lengths. One measures 23.6 inches while the other is 29.5 inches long. Choose the length you are comfortable working with.

Happy buyers of this ice fishing pole report how they have been able to use it for snorkel fishing. Those users have caught bass, bluegill and catfish using this fishing rod without having to worry about any issues.


Convenient 2-piece design

Designed for travel fishing, this ice fishing pole breaks down into two pieces, which enables easy placement in a travel bag or case and also facilitates problem-free storage in the closet after use.

The fishing rod can be used to fish in areas where there is a lot of brush. It is a high quality rod that comes at an affordable price. Compact and packing light, this fishing pole helps avid anglers bring their favorite pastime anywhere they go. It is great to use on lakes, streams and reservoir ponds.


It’s the key to an enjoyable fishing experience

This fishing rod makes fishing fun and delivers fun for fishing. It may look small and lightweight but it sure will bring the fight to the angler. The five guides ensure that the line stays orderly and untangled along the shaft, so releasing more line from the spool when needed is always simple and easy. With this fishing tool, one can fish for the fun of it or to put food on the table, just like the founder envisioned the Piscifun products to deliver.



Can improve your angling skills

The metallic guides are securely wrapped around through the underside of the rod, so any struggle with the fish won’t leave the line messy and broken especially during those critical moments before the catch is landed.

This ultra-light fishing rod is great for catching even big fish during ice fishing. The rod will test the angler’s rod handling skills so they can develop good fishing habits as they go along. It can handle 1 to 4 pound test line weights and lure weight ratings between 1/64 to 1/16 oz. The action rating enables the rod to maintain its shape or whip back to its position at rest after being fully bowed or loaded. It enables the rod to lift the load of a really huge fish easily with careful use of angling skills.

The Piscifun 2 Sections Ultralight Graphite Ice Fishing Rod has an ergonomically designed handle that enables easy gripping without slipping from the hands quite easily.


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