Piscifun 1000-5500 Series Spin Reel Review

Last Updated: 12.08.19
This bass spinning reel is designed to be comfortable and easy to use for left and right hand anglers.

Constructed from durable materials that are resistant to corrosion, it’s easy to see why some anglers consider this the best bass fishing reel.

With 6 ball bearings and one anti-reverse BB that can be easily set, you can enjoy smooth and reliable casts and retrievals.

Featuring multiple disc drag, along with a durable gear system you have the power and speed you need to smoothly reel in most species of smaller  freshwater fish.

Experienced and novice anglers will appreciate the sleek, lightweight construction of this spinning reel that looks great mounted on almost any fishing rod.

It should be noted that this spinning reel is mainly intended for use with smaller size freshwater fish, and may not be strong enough if you are planning on going after pike and other large species.

Some consumers have mentioned that the reel can be damaged during shipping, but this is usually easily resolved after a quick call to customer service.

1.Piscifun Spinning Reel Smooth Drag


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Comfortable to hold and use

Left and right hand fishermen will appreciate how easy and comfortable this freshwater spinning reel is to use. The sleek metal handle can be easily switched to either side of the reel, and quickly tightened into place with a simple turn of the screw. The rubber grip on the end of the handle provides a comfortable place for you to grab, and it also helps to prevent it from slipping out of wet hands. The oversized handle is perfect for children and adults, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to lock it into place. When you are ready to cast or retrieve your line, simply flip the lever located at the handle’s base.

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Sturdy construction

It is important that the reel that you choose comes with a durable construction, and is also resistant to damaging corrosion. The lightweight shaft and main components are constructed from sturdy stainless steel, and the spool is made from durable machined aluminum. You also have the advantage of the graphite body which is designed to last. The large capacity spool is capable of holding 30 pound test line, so you have the strength needed to successfully bring in a large or smallmouth bass. The stainless steel material is resistant to corrosion, and since the spool is machined it is lightweight, smooth and well balanced.

2.Piscifun Spinning Reel Smooth Drag


Six ball bearings

You will appreciate the smooth and reliable performance provided by the 6 ball bearings. Designed to withstand years of wear and tear, the reel also comes with an anti-reverse bearing. Once you have released the line you can easily set the anti-reverse mechanism, and enjoy sitting back knowing your line will stay taut. It is also easier to securely set your hook when the line is tight, and you can quickly turn the anti-reverse off when it is time to start reeling in the fish.


Easily adjustable disc drag system

With the multiple disc drag system you can enjoy a smooth performance, even when you are fighting strong bass fish. While the gear ratio will vary depending on the model, no matter which spinning reel from Piscifun you choose you don’t have to worry about sacrificing power or speed. You also have the advantage of the longer handle which makes it easier to crank the line in. The drag system can also be adjusted as needed so you always have the power and performance necessary for a successful fishing trip.


Eye-catching appearance and great performance

This spinning reel is designed to look as great as it performs, and you won’t be disappointed with its sleek and stylish appearance. The metal construction gives the spinning reel a professional appearance that can make an novice look like an experienced angler. The yellow accents add a touch of class, and you will also love how the reel looks mounted on your favorite bass fishing pole.

3.Piscifun Spinning Reel Smooth Drag


This lightweight and durable spinning reel is easy and comfortable for anglers at almost any skill level to use, and it also comes at a surprisingly affordable price. The graphite body can withstand the rigors of fighting powerful bass, and the reel is still lightweight enough to be comfortable to handle. The multiple disc drag system and ball bearings ensure a smooth and reliable performance, and you will appreciate the anti-reverse BB when you are trying to set your hook. Comfortable for adults and children to use and affordably priced, this spinning reel might be exactly what you need on your next bass fishing trip.


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