Penn SQL50VSW Squall Lever Drag Review

Last Updated: 13.08.19

This lightweight, yet powerful lever drag fishing reel has a graphite frame and side plates that are ideal for big game saltwater fishing.

It works on a quick shift two-speed system that can quickly adjust to high or low gear, making it easy for the customer to use this device just as he or she needs to.

The Dura-Drag system virtually eliminates snags and hesitation, even under extreme drag settings, meaning you’ll have a much lower chance of losing your catch once it’s hooked.

A double dog ratchet system prevents the handle from reversing, ensuring once again that the fish doesn’t accidentally get away after it’s been caught.

Some buyers say that the pictures you might find online can be deceiving, but this reel can hold approximately 600 yards of 80 lbs monofilament line.

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This is one of the most significant features of this item, given that it allows the device to quickly switch in between gears, from high to low or the other way around.

This aspect allows the fisher to increase their chances of dragging a specific catch back to their base, given that the process is adjusted to their needs and the requirements of the situation.

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The spool is built of aluminum, while the main pinion gears have a stainless steel construction.

This particular combination of materials makes for a reliable baitcasting reel, given that it is both durable due to the strength of the textures used and lightweight due to their density.

An important aspect to consider when choosing a reel is whether its shape and weight influence the process in any way that might be damaging or unpleasant for the angler.


Double dog ratchet system

This is a feature that prevents the handle from reversing when a more massive catch is making the situation slightly tricky.

To avoid losing the fish by allowing it to get away, the manufacturers have designed this ingenious hack, where the reel cannot turn in the other direction. Of course, it’s up to the angler to have the force to pull the catch toward himself below that point.


Dura-Drag system

Another useful feature that defines this particular alternative is the Dura-Drag system, a characteristic that helps eliminate snags and hesitation, even when the line is under extreme tension due to increased drag force.


You should try out this alternative if you’re looking for a reasonably priced option that’s not meant for beginners and that doesn’t fail to deliver high-quality despite being manufactured with an amateur angler in mind.

Its many complex systems are designed and put together to maximize the chances of any angler to achieve success, as well as to broaden his or her horizons by catching new species and gaining more experience.

Last but not least, a well-designed combination of materials makes this unit a great part of a trolling rod and reel combo worthy of your attention.


Buy from for ($315.73)



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