Penn Performance Offshore Long Sleeve Shirt Review


This fishing shirt is a good choice for those who want a model with superior moisture wicking performance.

The material the shirt is made of is sturdy and durable, and it handles repetitive washes without deteriorating.

With a SPF rating of 50, the Penn Performance Offshore Long Sleeve can be successfully used for tropical fishing, or for any fishing performed in areas where the sun rays tend to be very powerful.

An interesting aspect of this t-shirt is that it has its own scent control, which means that you will not be easily detected by fish swimming not far away from you.

Those with sensitive necks will surely appreciate the tagless neck design that does not allow any discomfort to ruin your trip.



Not all sizes are available, so if you are looking for extra small or really large sizes, you will be disappointed.

The shirt only comes in white, so there is no color palette to choose from. 

1.Penn Offshore Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt


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Unparalleled moisture wicking performance

Your performance as an angler partially depends on the performance of your equipment. When you are comfortable, you are able to get more and better results, and that is why you need to pay attention to the smallest details. This shirt will give you the extra edge you need, by offering you superior moisture wicking performance. You will feel cool and dry all the time, so you will not experience any discomfort, even when spending an entire day fishing.

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Made of durable polyester

It is very important that your fishing clothes are made of high quality materials. This one is made of 100% polyester, a highly durable material that does not shrink when wet. Polyester is more durable than cotton, and it does not lose its shape, which is why it is chosen by clothing manufacturers quite often. You will be able to wash the t-shirt plenty of times without noticing any shape loss.

Protection against the sun is not something to take lightly, and the fact that the Penn Performance Offshore Long Sleeve comes with a SPF rating of 50 is really great. The white color of the t-shirt reflects sun rays and limits the effect of UV rays on your skin.

3.Penn Offshore Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Comfortable and user-friendly

When you are fishing for bass, trout or any other fish with a stronger sense of smell, it is important to know that your presence is not easily detected. This t-shirt has its own scent control system, so your natural odor will not let fish know you are around.

If you are looking for a t-shirt that is really comfortable, the Penn Performance Offshore Long Sleeve fits the bill quite nicely. The manufacturer’s attention to detail is obvious, since the tagless neck design is thought to prevent even the most minor irritations from ruining your fishing trip.



The Penn Performance Offshore Long Sleeve is a great choice for all anglers who plan on spending a lot of time in the sun. Sporting superior UV protection and made of durable materials, this t-shirt will accompany you on many fishing trips without ever disappointing you.


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