Penn Gold Label Series Reel Review

Last Updated: 13.08.19

This model is a high-performance two-speed fishing reel that can deliver exceptionally smooth, powerful casts and retrievals.

It has a full metal body that offers it durability. The side plates are made of die-cast aluminum for increased rigidity and a long lifespan.

The product features Dura-Drag washers, a push-to-turn preset knob, and a ratcheted drag lever to maintain that buttery-smooth drag that anglers seek, even under extreme loads.

Featuring a quick shift two-speed, this item can adjust between gears just as the customer needs, whether it’s low or high.

Nothing truly negative can be said about this item, except perhaps for the fact that it’s a rather expensive choice, so if you’re not a professional angler seeking to enrich their equipment, you might not find this alternative budget-friendly.


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The reel is manufactured using the finest die-cast aluminum for its side plates and it has full metal body. The result is a sturdy build that will not sustain any damage from mechanical shock or impact, and will most probably have a longer lifespan than other similar products available on the market.

Simultaneously, the design is pretty lightweight and will not hinder the movements of the angler, nor will it make dragging the catch back to the base any harder than it already is.

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This feature allows the customer to adjust between low gear and high gear whenever he or she needs, making handling this device easy and accessible for just about anyone, as well as allowing the angler to change his or her desired settings, so as to make the operation a lot easier.


Ratcheted lever

This is one of the wittiest design hacks used when manufacturing this model. The ratchet lever allows the reel to eliminate drag-creep, and thus maintain that buttery-smooth drag that every professional angler strives to find.

What’s more, you’ll be able to obtain this result regardless of the size of the fish that you’re currently dealing with.



Although this is not usually a topic to be discussed when it comes to good baitcasting reels or any other kind, for that matter, there’s something about this product that reflects a higher living standard.

Not only is it flawlessly manufactured, but it looks like it has real value for the money. And if you are willing to spend a few more bucks on a high-quality item, we figure aesthetics might be relevant to you.


This model might be a little pricier than other alternatives and definitely more so compared to budget-friendly spinning reels, but it’s definitely worth its high price.

Not only is it manufactured using only the finest materials, resulting in a durable yet lightweight design, complete with complex technology meant to aid the angler in the process, but it is also aesthetically pleasing due to its shimmery metallic finish.

What’s also worth considering is that this item features a system that allows the angler to quickly switch between the low or high settings, depending on the species of fish they are currently dealing with, preserving their energy and protecting the reel from wear and tear.


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