Penn 1292934 Fathom 2 Lever Drag Reel Review

Last Updated: 12.08.19

This product is a heavy duty lever drag fishing reel that offers remarkable durability as well as cranking power.

It has a full metal body and side plates constructed using die-cast aluminum that increases its rigidity.

The quick-shift two-speed system can switch between low and high gear in a fraction of a second.

Having switchable harness lugs and five shielded stainless steel ball bearings also help increase this model’s functionality.

A few customers stated that the metal used on the rod clamp doesn’t have the quality they would expect.


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This reel is built using only high-quality materials, including a full metal body designed not only to be aesthetically pleasing but also to be sturdy and prevent small accidents from damaging the shape of the device.

The side plates are constructed using die-cast aluminum to increase their rigidity and enhance the features of the model. This makes for a lightweight design that will be easy to carry, which is extremely important when looking for a new fishing rod and reel setup.

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This item can be used for more than just one purpose, due to its many useful features. It can be adapted from trolling to bottom fishing, and all for a reasonable price.

It’s an investment worth considering on your part.



Since this is generally the feature most tackled with when it comes to fishing gear, it’s worth mentioning that most customers are satisfied with the high recovering speed of this item and the fact that it doesn’t require too much effort on the part of the user.

You’ll be able to bring your catch back with minimum effort, but it all depends on the type of line and tension that you choose. However, there’s no need to worry about whether the rod will let you down, because it won’t.



This model has a feature that allows it to quickly shift between the high gear and low gear, increasing its adaptability and response rate and making it a lot more user-friendly. The quick shift two-speed system features a double-dog ratchet anti-reverse.

It will allow you to adjust your tension according to your will and thus make fishing a lot more comfortable and adapted to your technique.


Try this item if you’re looking for a high-quality fishing reel that comes for an affordable price and features all of the characteristics that even professional anglers find useful.

This model has a durable build, but it manages to be lightweight and easily portable. It quickly shifts between gears to allow the user a maximum amount of freedom.

What’s also worth considering is that it is designed for heavy-duty tasks, so it offers excellent durability and cranking power, just like a reliable baitcasting reel should.


Buy from for ($219.99)



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