Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod Review

Last Updated: 05.08.20


The Okuma Longitude is one of the top rated alternatives we’ve found in today’s marketplace, which comes as no surprise considering the features it has. It can give an answer to any questions of fishermen out there, be they beginners or well-seasoned hobbyists or professional users. This surf graphite rod seems to have been designed with one thing in mind. To catch the biggest and baddest fish there is in the pond. Featuring a relatively fast action and a set of characteristics that make it possible for owners to cast as far as possible, it goes without saying that you should check out the Okuma Longitude if what you’re trying to catch is some serious fish.

2.Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods


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Ease of transportation and management

It might be worth noting that this manufacturing brand has been on the market for many years now, during which the company has made everything possible so that it ultimately designs products for every taste and preference. Okuma is a world-known manufacturer of rods and reels that are both sturdy and inexpensive and most of all, reliable.

The Longitude is a 2 piece alternative that is made of graphite. The length of the rod depends on the needs of the person using it, in that prospective buyers have the choice to go for any size between 9 feet and 12 feet. Since it can be broken down into two pieces, the product is convenient as it can be carried around with as little hassle as possible. While some might tend to think that a 2-piece rod isn’t as efficient as a one-piece one, we’re here to disagree when it comes to the Longitude, as it has been tested by many buyers in the United States, who claim that it features a strong backbone.

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High-quality construction

This rod has a graphite composite blank construction which doesn’t necessarily make it the heaviest option out there. With double footed stainless steel guide frames and the hooded reel seats made of the same material, the weight of the unit increases significantly so it might be a good idea to assess your own physical features before ordering the rod online. For example, the LC-C-1202H-1 weighs in at just one pound but you need to be sure that you’re able to hold on to the handle and keep the catch from escaping. Fortunately, the manufacturers were way ahead of any concerns of customers as they made the handles wrapped in custom non-slip cork. Moreover, there are soft touch EVA cushions both above and below the handle so that it is entirely comfortable to hold.

3.Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods


Excellent value for the money

From what we’ve gathered, there are over one hundred people who took the time to write positive Amazon reviews about the Okuma Longitude. Some say that it offers the best value for the right price, whereas others simply praise its amazing features. The unit has a smooth and solid construction and offers the nicest balance you’re likely to expect from a rod that can be used for fishing big targets.


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—> One of the questions that seem to be on the mind of prospective buyers is whether or not this rod is heavy or not. Due to its graphite construction, the 8-ft model can weigh in at just two to three lbs, which means that you won’t have to go through a lot of trouble to maneuver it exactly as you wish. For more detailed information, people who are looking to purchase this unit are kindly asked to refer to the manufacturer’s official website as all the dimensions and weights of Okuma products can be found in that virtual space.


—> Another user was curious with regard to the lure and line ratings for a 12-ft casting rod. Based on the info that we have gathered on the topic and thanks to the many buyers who took the time to respond to this inquiry, it seems that the manufacturing brand recommends lures with weights ranging from 3 to 8 oz and 20 to 40 lb line. Nonetheless, we’ve seen that many fishermen and women have reported that they currently use the 12-ft casting rod with 50lb braid and 5 oz sinkers, so it really boils down to your personal preferences and degree of skill you’ve acquired.


—> Other questions we came across refer to the terminology used to depict various models. The fact of the matter is that Okuma chose a rather complicated method to make the difference between rods destined for baitcasting and poles intended for spinning. You’ll find that most of the units that are available for sale in the series have a C or S in the middle of their name. It goes without saying that the C stands for casting and the S stands for spinning. So, what’s unique about each of these? The baitcasting models have smaller line guides from the handle to the tip whereas the guides of spin rods are larger in order to reduce the friction because the line coming out of the reel plays out differently.


—> Another inquiry we stumbled upon deals with the compatibility between this pole and several reels in series manufactured by Okuma. For example, there was an angler who wanted to know whether the Okuma Avenger B Series Reels would make a good combo with this rod. Some of the people who were kind enough to answer this question pointed out that, while the combination is inexpensive, it does the trick in most situations. It is, however, important to note that you have to check the S or C-denomination we’ve mentioned previously, just to make sure that the rod and reel go together like peanut butter and jelly.


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