Made with an outer fabric that’s 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, this fishing vest gives you the benefits of both cotton and polyester in just a single fabric.

The 26 pockets are designed to hold every essential piece of fishing gear so you won’t be held down by a fishing tackle case and you can just bring what you need when going out in the water.

Go fly fishing, just cast from the dock or indulge in any hobby while wearing this fishing vest that provides comfortable wear.

Your fishing tackle remains secure in the well-positioned pockets that are all zipped so you won’t end up losing gear.

The vest has a rather flexible design that enables you to carry fishing equipment well without losing your foothold in the water.

The vest runs a size smaller so buyers are advised by those who have bought the apparel to go for the next larger size when ordering this product. This will be especially helpful if you are planning to make full use of the storage pockets of the vest.

Another user thinks there should be a more secure means of closing the inner pockets of the vest, which should not be a flat-out drawback considering the huge number of storage options the vest actually offers.

1.1 Prestige 26


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Made of polyester and cotton

Undoubtedly the best fishing vest you can get for the money, this product is constructed of a revolutionary combination of cotton and polyester, enabling it to offer the strengths of the two materials. The result is a more durable and stronger material that is also priced affordably. With the combination of cotton with polyester, the fabric is less likely to undergo annoying pilling and static, so the texture remains consistent. The soft poly cotton blend ensures retention of its shape so the vest won’t shrink with years of washing.

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Plenty of room to store your gear in

Equipped with an impressive 26 pockets in all, the vest can handle everything from fly boxes to tippets and all other essential gear so you can go on a full day of fishing in the stream. It has one larger rear pocket for extra storage, several zipped pockets, a rod holder and more to safely accommodate tools, thermometers and others so your hands are free to tie knots and dress flies.


Two reel pockets

The two reel pockets on the back let you keep an extra reel handy in case you lose one. This ensures a trouble-free time in the water so every fishing trip is optimally productive and therefore greatly enjoyable. Additionally, since you are likely to feel tempted to overload the pockets, they are made sturdy enough to accommodate large loads while offering adequate space so stored items won’t get damaged, bent out of shape or destroyed.


Easy cleaning and maintenance

The comfortable blend of polyester and cotton ensures reliable moisture-wicking properties so you won’t end up all sweaty and wet when fishing. The integrated nylon offers good quality plus outstanding resistance to water. Made to last, this fishing vest is also easy to maintain as it is machine washable, so you can wear it to every fishing trip on every fishing season.

1.2 Prestige 26 Pocket Fishing Vest


High-quality zippered pockets

The most exasperating thing about fishing in the water is to lean over and then lose all your essential gear such as your box of flies all because the fasteners of your fishing vest are outfitted with low-quality fastenings. Zippers, if not of premium quality, could suddenly get broken to spill the contents of the vest pockets.

This is not the case with the Master Sportsman 26 Pocket fishing vest. Outfitted with quality zippered pockets, the vest won’t allow your precious gear to go astray. The large rear pocket even has a zipper front closure so it can hold the most essential items in your fishing kit.


Impressively user-friendly design

The flexible design of this fishing vest helps distribute the weight of your fishing tackle consistently so you can make full use of its storage capability without losing your foothold. The removable fly patches let you leave them close by instead of carrying them. You have a front pliers pocket so your back won’t have to take all the load. The D-ring secure nets let you maximize your hands by freeing them accordingly. The even weight distribution also ensures that the vest will not cut into your neck or shoulders and cause you pain. The size lets you wear additional layers of clothing underneath while enjoying the freedom of mobility.



Giving you enough room to move freely, this fishing vest offers the ultimate in functionality for fishing. It comes with 26 pockets to carry all your essential fishing equipment while ensuring you of dependable durability for many seasons of fishing.


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