Martin Archery Jaguar Elite Hunting Bow Review


This bow is equipped with a sleek and comfortable design.

The takedown construction provides easy storage and facilitates draw weight customization.

This weapon is made of top-quality materials.

The bow comes with the essential components that make a product of this kind worthy to invest in.

The bow delivers the level of accuracy needed for hunting.



The plastic arrow rest on this bow may not be to the liking of some customers.

The riser comes with a rubberized cushion that tends to peel off easily. 


Our Review


A sleek and comfortable design you’ll love

An upgraded version of a highly popular takedown bow, the Martin Archery Jaguar Elite 1002151-P carries a lighter mass weight without losing its sleek styling. This upscaled version comes with the degree of accuracy and reliability that any bow in the Jaguar line is expected to feature.

This bow capably redefines the takedown recurve bow product category. It is sleek and very comfortable to handle. It is made lighter by 0.2 pound than its predecessor, the Jaguar. Great for any archer of any skill level, this is a lovely bow to own if you have experienced how a recurve bow operates.

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Weight-customizable and easy to store

This bow features a convenient takedown construction that facilitates easy transport and carrying. It accommodates the mounting of an arrow rest, quiver, and sight. The bow also has a Thermal V protective dampening grip that prevents the weapon from slipping easily from your hands.

The assembly is straightforward and simple, as it will only require the attachment of the limbs to the riser using a bow or Allen wrench. Disassembly is just as easy, requiring only two screws.


Premium-quality craftsmanship using top-quality materials

The bow is made of an aluminum and magnesium composite that delivers a high degree of durability for many hunting seasons of use. Weighing in at just 2.6 pounds, the bow is a lightweight and easy-to-handle weapon even when shooting for extended periods.

The bow also presents virtually zero hand shock and performs quietly. It is designed to dampen noise even prior to the attachment of dampeners or string silencers.


Built with critical bow components

The lightweight riser is durable and comfortable. The bow provides a draw weight ranging from 29# to 55#, adjustable in 5-pound increments. The 7-inch brace height supports your need for accuracy, with the power dependent on the chosen draw weight. The limbs can be replaced separately from the riser for easy personalization.

This bow lets you install your preferred accessories, which include a sight, Berger button, and stabilizer. The bow has been predrilled to accommodate the accessories. Aside from the bowstring, the bow is also outfitted with a bow stringer and brass inserts.

The wooden limbs are reinforced with laminated fiberglass that makes the components flex-resistant. This model takes on any size string, including FastFight and Flemish strings. No limb twisting is observed as long as the bow is properly cared for.

Incredible reliability and accuracy

This weapon provides a consistently fantastic performance capped with accuracy. It can give more expensive bows a run for the money as it enables you to build consistent arrow groupings from a distance away.

At just 2.6 pounds, this bow is great for carrying over long distances. You can take down medium-sized game as well as larger game, depending on the draw weight you go for.



This upgraded version of the Jaguar offers the high level of performance you have come to expect from the product line. It is designed to please on all levels, from the materials used in its exquisite craftsmanship to the included accessories. This bow delivers unbeatable value in a lightweight takedown recurve.


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