Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable Sonar Fish Finder Review

Last Updated: 03.07.20


It’s one of the most financially accessible fish finders you might come across.

The frequency of this model can provide depth readings of up to 130 feet.

It comes with an adjustable chart speed, depth range settings, as well as a sensitivity level setting.

Its sensor is waterproof and works only when it is submerged.

A neck strap, a waterproof bag, as well as a sonar transmitter/receiver connector cover are included in the pack.



It doesn’t have a color display.

The only two languages supported by the interface are Russian and English. 

1.2 Lucky FFW-718


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Accurate readings

One of the core reasons you may be interested in getting and using this model is that it is extremely efficient when it comes to doing what it has been designed to do. Many buyers have reported that the product description is accurate and that the Lucky FFW-718 provides accurate readings whether you prefer fishing in deep lakes or small rivers. One particular owner says that he owns an inflatable yet rugged kayak where he installs the Lucky fish finder as best as he can and its accuracy never disappoints regardless of whether the water is clear or murky.

Buy from for ($78.9)




Another advantage offered by the lucky FFW-718 consists of the fact that it can be used with batteries. What this means is that you won’t have to worry about charging the fish finder when you’re out on the lake. It all boils down to what you feel comfortable with using as you have the freedom to choose between rechargeable or nonrechargeable batteries. Since most of these are rather cheap, there’s nothing stopping you from carrying several with you.


Two alarms

The fish finder features two alarms that have different purposes. For example, one of them is intended for detecting fish, which means that you’ll be alerted each time you have a high chance of getting the big catch you’ve been waiting for. The second alarm will usually go off if your kayak is going very slow, and its intended purpose is for signaling the depth that the user has preset.



One other owner has stated that he couldn’t be happier with his purchase, given that this model is affordable and comes with almost all the features of a cutting-edge fish finder for kayaks, except for the color display. Some fishermen were lucky enough to land three crappies on their first outing with this model.

1.1 Lucky FFW-718



Many times, it’s difficult to get the right value when you’re trying to discover the best kayak fish finder ever to have been invented. While you might be looking for a unit that manages to serve you well, you may be less interested in breaking the bank. Fortunately, the Lucky FFW-718 manages to combine efficiency, accuracy, and affordability, which means that it’s a product that’s quite hard to say no to. What’s more, it even comes with a unique feature that allows it to shut itself off when it is not being used, thus saving the life of the batteries.


Buy from for ($78.9)



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