The device is one of the cheapest fishfinders on the market today.

It’s a perfect alternative for people looking for their first basic fishfinder, as it comes with a high-resolution LCD display.

Screen backlighting is available for this model.

The 188 watts of power make this device the perfect choice for people looking to fish in deep waters.

The unit shows voltage, water temperature and depth.

The only noteworthy mentions of customers are related to customer support and the manufacturers’ return policy, although the individuals who bought the unit from Amazon claim they’ve encountered no issue with it.

For some users, the device might not be as easy to use if they have not utilized a fishfinder before. However, instructions are provided with the fishfinder and going through them can easily solve any confusion.



Our Review

With a price that is less than $175, it would be difficult to say that this item isn’t the most affordable ones out there. People who are interested in purchasing a basic model that comes with a large number of useful features should undoubtedly look over the specifications and reviews of the device. Some customers like to buy the fishfinder together with a double ball flat surface mount which usually costs less than $23.

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The LCD does wonders when it comes to displaying accurate images. This one is clearly the best 4 inch fishfinder.  Although only grayscale resolution is available with this model, users can visualize crisp images on the 240v x 160h pixel one. All fishfinder owners know that the more pixels, the better the detail.

Screen backlighting is an innate feature of the item, and it sure comes in handy when you feel like doing some night time fishing. Even though backlighting is not adjustable as is the case with other, more advanced models, the item still manages to display sharp images even in the middle of a sunny day.


When it comes to power, fishfinders can generally fall under two categories. A 100 watt power at 50 kHz is great for fishing in shallow waters, while the same power at 200 kHz is the right choice for people wanting to fish in deep waters. Since this item comes with 188 watts RMS, it can be used for depths of up to 1,000 ft on 83 kHz.

Aside from the actual view, the unit displays depth, voltage and temperature gauge. This last detail comes in handy for people wanting to fish in certain depths, as some species of fish prefer specific temperatures over others.



This device is the best fishfinder from Lowrance particularly if you’re on the hunt for a cheaper, uncomplicated model that does a great job at what it’s supposed to do. Having gathered some of the best Lowrance x4 pro fishfinder reviews, it is easy to see that the unit provides accurate readings, is easy to install and is impressively inexpensive. Most buyers praise the fact that it is just as advertised.


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