Lowrance Mark-5x Pro Fishfinder Review

Last Updated: 03.07.20


This model come equipped with a highly detailed and easy to read display that offers all the required information.

It comes with a 5-inch screen, which is the perfect size for most anglers as it is the perfect blend of clarity and functionality.

Its keypad is backlit, allowing you to operate the device correctly in low light conditions.

It’s very easy to assemble even for those who don’t have much experience as it comes with a pretty clear instructions manual.



This product cannot be shipped outside the US, so if you need it, it might be a good idea to ask some friends to get it for you. You really shouldn’t miss out on this excellent fish finder.

6.1 Lowrance Mark-5x


Our Review

It’s crucial that your fishfinder gives you a great deal of detail about what’s going on underneath your boat. Indeed, without that, there is no point in you spending the money on such a device, because it won’t be able to do its job, which is to help you see where the fish is.

The great news about this model is that it gives an amazing amount of detail, thanks to its 480×480 display, and to its 16 level gray scale definition. Not only this, but it also has a very bright screen, which will help you see even better. All these features make it the best fish-finder from Lowrance, since it gives you the ability to see extremely well what’s going on underneath the surface of the water.

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Even the most amazing waterproof fishfinder, with the clearest, brightest, and highest detail screen won’t be able to help you out very much if it has a small screen. Indeed, if this were the case, then you would be left completely unable to see the all those amazing details, because in order to see them, you’d need to have a magnifier with you.

Well, this won’t be a problem you’ll have to deal with when it comes to this device, because its screen is the perfect size. Indeed, it has 5 inches, which is plenty enough for you to see what you need to.

6.2 Lowrance Mark - 5x

Many people love to fish during the very early mornings or late in the evenings, perhaps even going into the night. What do these times of day all have in common? The answer is: there’s isn’t much daylight available to help you see around you, let alone the buttons you’re supposed to press on your fishfinder.

Here’s the great news: this model has backlit keypad, which means that you won’t have to struggle to figure out where all the buttons are. Not only this, but since it has a bright screen, you’re also going to be able to see perfectly well where all the fish is. This is just another reason why we recommend this model as the best 5 inch fishfinder out there.

When you’re on a fishing trip, you’re probably extremely excited about the idea of getting to relax for a while. The last thing you want to do is to have to spend a very long time trying to figure out how to install the fishfinder. Indeed, this would be an extremely frustrating experience, and you probably don’t want to go through that. This is why this model is so great: many owners mentioned in their Lowrance Mark-5x Pro fishfinder reviews that they had no issues setting this one up.



If you’re ready to own a fishfinder that will make your life easy in lots and lots of ways, then this is the one for you. Not only does it have an amazingly clear display which offers all the information you might need but, thanks to the backlitt keys, operating it is very straightforward even in the dark. Installation is quite simple and should be easy even for less experienced users.


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—> Some owners are curious as to whether or not this model can put up with the the occasional splash of saltwater. Given that other buyers were kind enough to respond to this inquiry, the short answer to this question would be yes. Many anglers have used the Lowrance Mark-5X Pro for kayak fishing, and in this situation, it goes without saying that water splashes on the display and connections. To make sure that the unit isn’t damaged in any way, it’s recommended that you rinse it with tap water that you might have collected in a small container. In order to remove excess humidity, it might also be a good idea to keep the product next to a mini dehumidifier.


—> Other prospective buyers want to know what the box contains and whether or not several accessories are included in the deal. Based on the info that we have gathered, this package is composed of a high-speed transducer with mounting bracket, a swivel bracket, as well as a power cord. The length of the cable is 12 feet.


—> Some sections on the websites of online retailers are also rather revealing regarding the capabilities of the device, just in case the product description is not straightforward enough. In this sense, we’ve noticed that while the fish finder does an excellent job when it comes to displaying the water temperature, it will not provide any readings concerning the speed of the boat you’re in. However, there are talks about a speed cable that could be available on the official Lowrance website, but it needs to be purchased separately. The depth settings are adjustable and can be viewed in meters or feet, depending on your personal requirements and on whether you’re accustomed to the European or American metric system.


—> Another angler wanted to know the power requirements of this fish finder and whether or not the battery could be bought individually. From what we’ve gathered, the Lowrance Mark-5X Pro requires a 12V battery and most users hook it up to their trolling motor or starter one. In case this method doesn’t look reasonable to you, all you have to do is refer to a sporting goods store and get an affordable 12V battery.


—> Several individuals wanted to know if the interface supported other languages other than English, mainly Russian. Unfortunately, the menu and settings on this fish finder are in English. Of course, this does not affect the functionality of the device as it can be used in all waters across Russia, but the user must have at least some basic knowledge of the English language.


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