Lowrance Mark-4 Combo Base Fishfinder Review

As stated in the Lowrance Mark-4 fish finder reviews this device is easy and convenient to use.

You can easily located schools of fish with this incredibly accurate marine gps unit.

The large viewing screen is easy to read in any setting, including in bright sunlight.

With dual band coverage this is the best fish finder from Lowrance, and it also comes at an affordable price.

While this is the best fish finder and chartplotter it should be mentioned that you do have to reset the device in order to clear any data from previous trips.

Even though the screen is designed to be easy to read, there have been some mentions that it can be difficult to see in direct sunlight.

Some consumers have mentioned that the device can be difficult to program, but a quick review of the instructions usually resolves this minor problem.

4.1 Lowrance Mark-4


Our Review

You will love how easy this fish finder and chartplotter combo is to use, even with only one hand. Its lightweight design fits comfortable in your hand, and the navigational controls are conveniently placed. The menu is clearly displayed on the grayscale LCD screen, and you’ll appreciate how quickly you can scroll through the various options when you are out on the water. You also have the advantage of the swivel and tilt bracket that includes a quick release button.

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With the included GPS antenna located inside the device you have the advantage of being able to locate fish, and plot your course. The accurate navigational system will also let you store information on your fishing trips, including up to 3000 spots where you know there is something to catch. The navigational compass will also ensure that you get back to your original starting position so you never have to worry about getting lost on the open water.

4.2 Lowrance Mark-4

The 4 inch viewing screen is designed to be easy to read in any setting, and features a grayscale display. You can see depth and distance without any annoying glare and the device is also incredibly accurate, which is also a welcome bonus on any fishing trip. With the ability to see and use this fish finder in any condition, you never have to worry about coming home empty handed.

While you will always appreciate its affordable price, this fish finder and chartplotter combo also features incredible coverage. You have the advantage of dual 83 KHz and 200 KHz to find fish at any depth, and the 300 watt device can be easily powered off of a 12 volt battery. Perfect for fresh water and deep sea fishing you will love seeing what you can catch with this powerful and accurate device.



This fish finder and chartplotter combo is perfect for beginners and experienced anglers. It is designed to be easy to use, and with the ability to store up to 3000 hot spots you will always know where to look for the next bite. In addition, the chartplotter function allows you to navigate safely every time you go out on the water and is sure to bring you home in the best conditions.


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