Lowrance HDS-8 GEN2 Plotter/Sounder Review

The device features one of the largest screens of fishfinders on the current market.

It comes with its own cartography of the United States, both offshore and inland.

The transom mount transducer can be used for shallow water as well as deep water.

The display comes with adjustable backlighting.

This is one of the most acclaimed fishfinders out there, as it has gathered only positive reviews.

The price of the unit can be a dealbreaker for people who are only starting fishing as a hobby and looking to buy a basic, cheaper alternative.

Unlike other models belonging to this top of the line category, this one comes with a trans mount transducer. Buyers thus need to have enough room between their regular transducer and their prop, in order to avoid interference.



Our Review

The size of the screen makes the difference if you’re looking to buy an advanced and modern fishfinder. Some models out there come with the screen size of a cell phone, and it’s impossible to accurately see your catch using them, unless you’re the lucky owner of super-human vision. This one might as well be the best fishfinder from Lowrance, as it comes with a whopping 8.4-inch screen.

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Thanks to the software of this device, buyers can use its cartography and GPS to set up waypoints and routes. This way, they will never be lost and will be able to find their way back home, no matter the weather or other factors.

The device features one of the most cutting-edge transducers out there as its frequency can be customized by users. Utilizing the 83kHz frequency will work best for fishing in deep water, while selecting the maximum 200kHz one will make fishing in shallow water a breeze.


Lowrance have gone through the effort of developing a technology that goes by the name of SolarMAX PLUS, making it the best fishfinder with LCD screen. This display feature allows users to select their preferred backlighting so they are able to accurately visualize crystal clear images both in the middle of the day and in the middle of the night. Cheaper and older models are incapable of providing this advantage.

As difficult as it might be to believe, there are no negative reviews of this model. Even though it costs a little over $1,600, it seems that the device is actually worth every penny. Lowrance hds 8 plotter/sounder speak highly of everything related to this device. Some buyers emphasize that it is one of the easiest fishfinders to install and use, and it provides outstanding value for the money.



Since this is one of the most acclaimed items of the line, it would be difficult to not consider it while looking for the best fishfinders. It’s true that it is considerably more expensive than other models out there, but with the number of advantages it offers, it is worth its price. The manufacturers are offering a 2 year warranty with this unit, both for parts and for labor.


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