Lowrance HDS-7 GEN3 Insight Fishfinder / Chartplotte Review

Last Updated: 03.07.20


It comes with a bright 7-inch color display for easy viewing in any lighting.

You can choose to use the touchscreen or the clearly marked keypad for easy operation.

This fishfinder and chartplotter comes with built-in Chirp and structure sonar for a comprehensive underwater view.

Since it comes with Insight USA charts, you’ll always know the best place to fish.



Some consumers have noted that the downscan images are not as clear as those in the simulation, though this does not affect the unit’s overall performance.


Our Review


One of the first aspects you’ll notice about the HDS-7 GEN3 from Lowrance is the bright 7-inch color display. Its larger size makes it easier to see from almost any angle, and in all types of lighting. Whether you are out in the predawn hours or the midday sun, you will always be able to clearly see the data display on the touchscreen.

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You will appreciate how easy this fishfinder is to operate. You can choose to take advantage of its touchscreen functionality or use the convenient keypad. This makes the HDS-7 GEN3 easy for anyone to program and control. It also allows you to choose the method of operation that best fits the conditions on the water.

Thanks to the bright color display the built-in charts for US inland and coastal waters are crisp, clear and easy to see. This also ensures that you can see all of the data supplied by the CHIRP and structure sonar. This way not only will you know the depth and location of nearby fish, but also if there are any structures in the way. The last thing you want when you are reeling in a fish is to get your line stuck on marine debris.

Since you have the advantage of built-in WiFi you can easily control the HDS-7 GEN3 from your iPad or other compatible devices. Not only does this make it even more convenient to use, but it also allows you to chart the water in real time. You can even create your own maps and charts of frequently fished bodies of water since this fish finder can record sonar. This way you’ll always know how to get back to your favorite hot spots.



If you are looking for something a little more advanced in a fishfinder, the HDS-7 GEn3 from Lowrance might be the perfect choice for you. It is incredibly easy for anyone to operate, even if they have never used a fishfinder before. Choose between the multifunction touchscreen or convenient keypad.

What sets this fishfinder/chartplotter apart is the amount of data it is able to provide. You’ll instantly know the depth and location of the fish, even if they are hiding in underwater structures or at the bottom. This is thanks to the combined CHIRP and structure sonar. Since you can also record sonar, you can even create your own charts and maps of your favorite fishing spots.


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